Enough of relaxing on land and let’s dive right into the turquoise water to explore the other side of the world!

Words by Vishal Joshi


The novel Coronavirus may have put the cruise industry on pause in the past, but now that the travel restrictions have slowly eased up, we are pretty sure you all want to just get out without even packing and hit the high seas to get away from urban epicenters. But, with great freedom, comes great responsibility and that too without compromising on safety. And when it comes to travelling safely, one of the safest ways to travel in today’s day and age is by a luxury yacht. And it is not just us who are saying this, but private charter owners as well who claim that their phones are ringing off the hook asking whether their private yacht is available for safe travel. But, imagine you taking all the precautions just to end up at a destination that doesn’t even let you unpack, let alone unwind. Well, fret not, for we’ve got you covered on that part, only if you could give us a couple of minutes. So cross your legs, sit back and relax to sip onto that hot chocolate and see what the world has to offer.


Florida Keys
Chartering a yacht in the Keys cannot be complete without snorkeling, fishing, or even diving in the continental United States. Cruising along the Atlantic coast that head you right at the tip of Key Largo, Islamorada, and then Key West; the route will let you explore the underwater world in Key Largo that happens to be one of the best spots for scuba diving; ergo, do urge your captain to book a dive in the clear waters of the tropical islands. You can even head to the island city of Key West - which is Florida’s southernmost picturesque point with pastel-hued, conch-style houses - to go diving and snorkeling through the coral reefs that let you witness the spectral sunsets as well.

The Bahamas
A yacht charter to the Bahamas counts as one of the safest and -Yay!- even less crowded after the horrifying time that has bygone. Although, you might have to submit a travel health Visa application that requires a negative RT PCR COVID-19 test result upon arrival. But hey! It’s us who is going to keep it safe for ourselves and others as well right? And why not, it is Caribbeans! A place that is so dizzyingly diverse; from sky-scraping mountain peaks to shimmering reefs, from spicy salsa rhythms to deep rolling reggae, then the pirate hideouts to sugar-sand beaches that lets us and the yacht lay silently, sipping on that cocktail. And if time permits, do pay a visit to this horseshoe-shaped harbor called Greneda, one of the prettiest waterfronts with bobbing boats, busy but hushed cafes, the hillside hodgepodge of brightly colored roofs and sparkling shady spots.


British Virgin Islands
Now this right here, needs a BVI (short for British Virgin Islands) Gateway Travel Authorization Certificate prior to arrival and a negative RT PCR COVID-19 test result in your satchel. But once that is submitted and you are through, the British Virgin Islands will welcome you with opulent exile, which some say is hard to digest, well yes it is that exclusive yet least developed, in a good way. The villas, resorts, restaurants and other touristy charisma emphasize on spare luxury over sprawling expansion. We guarantee that you will be attracted to the island for the love of sailing and seclusion.


New England
Now is the perfect time to escape to New England! Why? Well, from verdant mountains to granite shores, historic villages to cutting-edge galleries, clam shacks to covered bridges, New England’s scenic and cultural treasures are unparalleled without a doubt, but the summertime here, especially in the Northeast of the US is simply irresistible. And while at it, do not forget to make a stop at Newport for some lip smacking seafood, then walk the Block Island to witness the immortal architecture and then end the day at the whaling museum.


May-hee-ko! And that’s how it’s pronounced. Well, you might as well have a check on your pronunciations, but upon arriving here, you will be subjected to temperature checks to verify if you are showing any symptoms, post which you will be asked to quarantine, although voluntarily. But in case you aren’t showing any signs of the aforesaid, you better be ready to fly off to Cabo San Lucas and run right into the yacht charter to explore May-hee-ko! The utter disconnection that it has to offer while you see the whales, swim with the sea lions, devour the best quality tangy and spicy seafood before sailing off to La Paz, is exactly what one needs after spending almost a year at the same pin code.


Republic of Croatia
After completing the arrival formalities and presenting the RT PCR COVID-19 test result within 48 hours of arrival, the croissant shaped country, which is at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, will welcome you with a 5835kms coastline that offers cliffs and reefs you’ve never seen before. Sail from Pula on the Istrian peninsula, hop in between the islands in the Kvarner Gulf, and you will find secluded coves on the beautiful isle, post which you can head to the Pag to try the famous cheese at Kolan.


Turks & Caicos
Psst! This untouched pair of islands - aka TCI - is not only surrounded by some breathtaking and brilliant blue water, but is one of the best kept, unspoiled secrets of the Caribbean. Home to some of the best seen wild horses, flamboyance of flamingos, untouched caves and hence hidden beaches, it is by far the best, but not last, paradise on this planet. But this does not necessarily mean that it is not maintained or isn’t developed by the local authorities there, no siree! In fact, the third largest reef in the world happens to be on this very island, which has been beautifully preserved and continuously, but subtly, fashioned resulting in magnificent private resorts, making Turks & Caicos a exemplary luxury destination for those who are looking for a perfect base for their luxury yacht to charter.