Wheels Of Wonder


From coal to hydrogen fuel cells, this old mode of transportation is back in fashion!

Word by: Vedanth

The first rail journey are a memorable experience for all. The sheer sight of tons of metal sheets moving around at breakneck speeds is among those visuals that are hard to process and even harder to forget. From the first horsedrawn- passenger train, followed by steam engines and now electrical trains, this passenger-carrying locomotive has evolved progressively, as per time and need, over the decades. With modern-day modes of transportation being easily available and flying across continents being a daily necessity, train journeys have been sidetracked due to the fast-moving pace of day-to-day life.

Bullet trains and tubes might be a thing for tomorrow, but in today’s date, travellers want to indulge in the old-school charisma of train journeys. Soaking in the journey and experiencing the whole bogie life is what attracts modern-day explorers. While train journeys might be a go-to mode of transportation for a few, luxury trains are now in the spotlight. They boast of their uber-luxury services and offer a once-ina- lifetime travelling experience on a set of moving wheels. What’s more, it allows you to witness live performances, experience splendid spa sessions and sip on fine wine as you get a glimpse of the spectacular landscapes brushing by the windows. Here are some real-world train escapades that you can indulge in…

Presidential Train, Portugal 
Honoured to be the crown jewel of Portugal’s rail network, The Presidential Train has hosted almost all the royal families to date. Since its inauguration back in 1890, the train has been carefully and thoughtfully resurrected and restored and still retains its original furniture. The Presidential till date runs gourmet lunch and wine tasting journeys along with optional 2 and 3-day escapades. So, if you’re planning a somewhat royal vacation anywhere in Europe then you should definitely consider getting on board the Presidential to live the wheels of wonder journey!

The Andean Explorer, Peru
This one’s special as it has earned the name of being the highest rail route in the world, the Andean Explorer promises bespoke experiences as it journeys through the never-ending vast stretches of the Andean plains. The carriages have been christened with the names of the flora and fauna found in the region along the route. The journey will take you through the cityscapes of Peru followed by Lake Titicaca where one can see man made floating islands of Islas Uros. One can also pause enroute to walk through the Raya market where one can see and trade-in for some traditionally handcrafted artifacts.

Maharaja's Express
The Maharaja Express is the only luxury train running through the Indian subcontinent. The Maharaja Express draws inspiration from the art deco style of the private saloons owned by the erstwhile maharajas. Traveling in a Maharajas Suite can be a rewarding and once-in-alifetime experience. The Sylvan inlays complement the exquisite carvings and the bespoke mirror and jewel work along with its polished cabins and handpicked antiques lets one experience royalty in its truest of colours. The Maharaja Express fuses the nostalgia of the past grandeur with modern-day contemporary amenities flawlessly.