The Discovery Sport is your perfect companion in the entry level full size luxury SUV segment

Words Abhishek Kulkarni

First things first, what meets your eye, meets your soul! That’s exactly how the new Land Rover Discovery Sport takes a special place in your heart; it looks massive on the road. It has a great road presence and turns heads wherever it goes. There is a huge difference between the previous generation and the new generation Discovery Sport. Step inside, and the interiors look and feel premium and exude an aura of a car that is made for the elites. This is the most important parameter. Considering that you are spending Rs 80-90 lakh on your car, premiumness is a given. Everything including the stitch of the leather on the dashboard, the instrumental console, the feel and controls on the steering wheel and the cruise control is exceptional.

With regards to the drive, I haven’t driven a better Discovery Sport till date; the new generation is more than a facelift. The SE Dynamic variant that we had on our review is the top of the line trim, the Discovery Sport is offered in. The car cruises spectacularly well on the highway. I drove the car mostly on the highway, over the bad patch from Pune to Satara on my way to Belgaum, and the car felt extremely poised and surefooted. With the entire family in the car, and the boot filled with luggage to full capacity, I hardly remember slowing down considerably to cross the rough patches. The car simply glides over the rough patches and there was no feeling whatsoever that anyone was uncomfortable inside the car or any of the occupants in the car were cribbing about comfort. Land Rover has done an exceptional job when it comes to the suspension of the car. The engineering feels truly out of the world.

When it comes to interior space, the Discovery Sport is a complete winner. My uncle who was travelling in the back seat with me is 6’2 feet tall and was extremely comfortable throughout the journey which was almost 6 hours one way. Land Rover has made a lot of changes in the exterior dimensions, and it shows up in huge proportions. The car delivers great amount of fun while driving.

I did a couple of runs to Mumbai and back to Pune when I was chauffeured around and was completed soaked in the comfort of the back seat of the Discovery Sport. I drove this car immediately after the Evoque and came to a realisation that both the cars are poles apart. Where the Evoque is not a complete off-roader, the Discovery Sport is your tank to crawl upon anything and everything you come across on the ground. That’s the beauty of it. Although it is a premium luxury car, but, you don’t have to think twice to take it on the road, that you would otherwise feel worried of taking to if you had any other car in your hand in its segment. The Discovery Sport is a perfect pick for someone who is looking to buy an entry level full size luxury SUV.

"When it comes to interior space, the Discovery Sport is a complete winner."