Pride, Prejudice, and Punditry | Book Launch Event By Just Urbane Magazine

Parliamentarian Dr Shashi Tharoor unveils his 25th book in Mumbai in association with Just Urbane magazine.

Authors and parliamentarian Dr Shashi Tharoor is again in the news for his new work. Striking perfect balance between fiction, non-fiction and poems is an exclusive book - Pride, Prejudice, and Punditry.

Pride, Prejudice and Punditry incorporate ten different sections, where every individual section deals with particular topics. Besides this, the volume also incorporates Tharoor’s incisive pieces on politics, cricket, his discourse on Hinduism, and some exclusive pieces penned for this volume. With a variety of literature available for readers, the book also gives Tharoor as an author, a panoramic view of the range and depth of his writing. 

In this 600-page book, the readers would be delighted to also experience the fresh material to delight along with some ageless pieces that continue to enchant. With an experience of five decades of writing and five million words published, this exemplary combination of fiction and non-fiction is available across all offline and online selling platforms at a sticker price of Rs 999.