Prague’s Nase Maso is a diner like no other

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If you have carnivorous tendencies then there’s no way on earth you can ignore this little gem in the heart of Old Town in Prague

Words Aninda Sardar

Like all old European cities, Stare Mesto - Praha or the Old Town in Prague, is a jumble of wide cobbled roads with narrow alleys branching off from them. Nase Maso’s glass front looks out on to the broad pavement but the entrance is tucked away in one of these. In fact, it’s actually rather nondescript and if you’re the sort of muggle that doesn’t pay attention you might not even see it. Quite like how you’d miss Platform 9¾. And what a miss that would be, especially if you, like me, are a meat lover.

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Essentially, it’s a butcher shop that sells various kinds of meat, including smoked meats. In addition to its meats you can also buy condiments, sauces, spices, cooking oils and bouillons that you might need to cook the meat. You can also buy knives and dishes but those aren’t the reason why meat lovers of Praha (Prague) flock to Nase Maso.

What this place offers and that’s what makes this place unique is that here at Nase Maso you can actually eat the meat they sell because it’s also a diner! You can take your pick from the regular menu or the speciality of the day or you can choose to buy yourself a ticket to the Dinner from the Butcher.

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Lazy bugger that I am, the credit for discovering this wonderful place through several hours of trawling the Net goes to the wifey, and what a find! The place is modest and decorated like a butcher shop ought to be with various tools of the trade decorating the walls. Space inside is limited too, so expect it to be a little cramped. But this is Europe and you won’t find people stepping on your toes and they will let you through to the counter up ahead.

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We ordered a meatloaf sandwich, a fatboy sausage and a couple of glasses of beer only to be handed a couple of empty disposable glasses. Thankfully, the man at the counter realised we were newcomers and pointed us towards the lone sink at the back of the shop. Perplexed, we resigned ourselves to the strange customs of the Czech and decided to wash our hands before the meal, but the turning on the tap turns out to be a surprise. Because there’s no water flowing here but chilled beer!

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The food does take a bit of time to come to you but when it does, you’ll be salivating from the aromas of the fresh spices and herbs used in the cooking. And then of course there’s the meat itself. It’s fresher than a daisy and cooked to perfection. Portions are on the larger side of life and you’ll have to have a decent appetite to polish off a full portion. Good part is, here you’ll end up walking around a lot and will get enough chances to work that meal off. And when you’ve walked it all off, you’ll be back for more.

Where to find it
Nase Maso
Dlouha 39, Praha 110 00
+420 222 311 378 
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