It’s as if design companies were looking for each other. Ic Berlin, a Berlin-based eyewear company, and Mercedes Benz are teaming up to launch a sunglass line. Both brands' designers collaborated to create a visual language that is much more than a simple logo collaboration. It has the best of both worlds' expressive qualities. The result being five new exclusive eyewear styles inspired by #mercedesbenz and Mercedes-AMG automobiles and handcrafted in Berlin-#icberlin Marzahn's manufactory.

The latest Capsule 2021 features dynamic shapes, unique fabrics, lacquer colour accents, and excellent wearing comfort. Puristic architecture, which is characteristic of Ic Berlin, meets the avant-garde spirit of Mercedes Benz and interprets each model's vehicle design in a unique way. Stainless steel frames, high-performance ZEISS lenses, soft silicone nose pads, and high-quality temple hinges ensure that each pair of eyewear lasts for years. The new Mercedes Benz pattern is laser-etched onto the temples as trendy marking, in addition to the original Mercedes Benz logo. 

The Mercedes-AMG model AMG 02 for men is a sporty and masculine take on the pilot shape. There are four colour options to choose from. With its straight lines and accents in red, yellow, and blue, the AMG 02's frame gives it a strong edge and emphasises the car's extroverted character. In addition, these colours were created in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz.

The MB Shield 02, a unisex model with a futuristic appearance, is a #mercedesbenz version. A stainless steel half frame holds the simple mono disc in place, which is accented by a Plotic Clip in the bridge section. As a contrast to the mirrored glasses and silver frame in classic Lemon Verbena, this is finished in the colour version Ultra Beam and #fashion Silver.

The MB 04 is a unisex model with athletic style and a light weight of 17 g. A stainless steel frame holds the trapezoidal glasses with bevelled sides in place. The lacquer accent on the brow-bones and temples - in colour variants: Graphite / White in white and Black to Clear.

The men's MB 05 model is a reinterpretation of the classic trapezoidal form. The MB 05's cool simplicity is what gives it its elegance. It comes in the following colour combinations:
Yellow Ultra Beam and Electric Light Blue / Off White Storm Grey and Gun Metal
Nightfall and Black / Red are also available.

MB 06, the collection's women's model, is a #fashion statement. These sunglasses blend futuristic retro fashion with luxurious elegance by being oversized in the form of a butterfly and having an accentuated frame on the side. The ocean fade and rose gold combination is especially striking.