Vaccine Diplomacy: Great Nations are built on sacrifices

Aspiring Polymath Vinit Deo talks about vaccine diplomacy in this letter to the Prime Minister

Words Vinit Deo

Dear Shri Modi ji,

After the initial saddening news of the USA refusing to export raw material for making vaccines, the last few weeks have seen a flood of positive news with nation after nation sending everything from oxygen tanks, medicines, oxygenators - by whatever means possible - by land, air and sea! While all this was happening, and perhaps because of this overwhelming support that India got from the global community, even the USA changed its stand and started sending material and supplies! 

This outpouring of support from across the world has proven that your idea of Vaccine Diplomacy i.e. exporting vaccines on both on commercial terms as well as free grants - has finally proven to the right strategy. Its positive effects to India will come in this century to come with close to a 100 nations being grateful for getting supplies in time from India versus hardly any vaccine exports from the USA or many other developed countries which prioritised vaccinations for citizens before giving to other countries. However we Indians live on principles such as "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" a Sanskrit phrase which means 'the world is one family'. Hence, over a period of time, we Indians will find our peace in the fact that the Indian government and manufacturers rose and treated the global challenge as a threat to humanity at large and did their best to prevent. 

Governance is all about taking judgment calls and there are never ideal options for decisions. Domestic supply Vs International one was one such tricky call. As someone who advises his clients on such dilemmas every day, I agree with #GovernmentofIndia's call for a balanced approach. Let us also accept that this was a controversial decision with arguments for and against exporting vaccines equally justified and valid; but that's why a Nation needs someone decisive like Mr Modi at top to put #NationFirst and take decisions which are unpopular and hurt even his own Party in the short term.  In the long term, I have no doubt that Vaccine Diplomacy will definitely benefit our beloved motherland's generations to come. It may not be a far-fetched comparison to compare the Vaccine Diplomacy to the D-Day landings by the America Forces in World War 2, saving Europe from a complete takeover by the then Nazi Germany.  Like the Europeans (even the French!) will forever be grateful to the Americans for this rescue, so will many of the developing and underdeveloped countries for our aid and even the developed countries will show us more respect as our Government had the courage to do, which theirs could not. 

Our generations to come will be welcome with open arms by citizens of almost entire world for the gracious support our country gave them and saved lives. Imagine how conversations will start a few years hence, when an Indian businessman calls up a prospective foreign client and hears words of profuse gratitude as an Indian vaccine protected and saved the foreign client,  his family, his business and his country!
So, once again, from the bottom of our heart, thank you PM Modi'ji!
Jai Hind!

Yours Sincerely,
CA Vinit Vyankatesh Deo

About Vinit:
Vinit’s social media profiles identify him as an Aspiring Polymath. The lives and work of multi-faceted personalities such as Shivaji Maharaj, Leonardo da Vinci, Elon Musk, Steven Spielberg and JRD Tata inspire him to get out of bed to do something meaningful beyond three square meals a day and watching Netflix. Based in Pune, India, Vinit is Co-Founder of Investment Banking firm Posiview Ventures ( with a passion to work with entrepreneurs, incubate, and grow businesses. He can be reached at

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