• Sunny Spain awaits you

    If Zindagi Na Milega Doobara hasn’t inspired you to visit Spain, here are some reasons to do so. From Versatile landscapes, avid culture to festivals and more… Spain awaits you in a post pandemic era

    Words by Samreen Khoja
  • Yacht are you waiting for?

    Enough of relaxing on land and let’s dive right into the turquoise water to explore the other side of the world!

    Words by Vishal Joshi
  • The Calm in the chaos

    I love my staycation to be simple yet relaxing. What’s better than lounging in the pool, relaxing with a rejuvenating spa with enchanting views of the mountain ranges at Brightland Resort & Spa

    Words by Chahat Dalal
  • The Last Leg

    The Himachal trip continues with the same spirit of finding adventure without any planned itineraries, an unusual hot spring, a pahadi wedding and many more memories

    Words by Yvonne Jacob
  • Amazed By Amaze-on

    From the dazzling golden rivers to looking for crocodiles, this ‘Jungle Book’ vacay is a must for all!
  • Following The Death March Route

    Trekking the Sandakan Death March in Sabah on the Island of Borneo was emotional, for there are deeds that should not pass away and names that must not be forgotten.

  • Detoxify 2020

    After a rollercoaster ride in 2020, a vacation is must in 2021...

    Words Amisha Shirgave
  • Maldavian Haven amid the pandemic

    After Dalgona coffee and all that baking, holidaying in the Maldives became the most flaunted activity on social media last year. Here’s a look at the pandemic-proof destination

    Words Chahat Dalal
  • Method to Madness

    In conversation with Rahul Jagtiani – entrepreneur, content producer and columnist, on the joys of travel, adventure and self-discovery through one of the best ways possible

    Words by Yvonne Jacob
  • A sip of San Miguel de Allende

    The perfect weekend getaway is when you slip into a silky robe, kick back on your chair and look at lavender fields while sipping a glass of wine

    Words by: Areli Paz Trejo

    A trip to Warner Brothers World in Abu Dhabi brings back fond childhood memories

    Words Chahat Dalal
  • Travel Diaries

    Ever jumped from a mountain? Rafted through a waterfall? Drank water from a river or camped on a snow mountain? If not, then you really haven't seen anything at all. Here are our top 10 picks for your next adventure

    Words & Photography: Rahul Jagtiani

    Travel is not for the weak-hearted, it can be self-liberating, adventurous and the most irreplaceable memory of your life. Here’s a road map of things to remember as you plan your next trip

    Words Radhika Sharma Nomllers
  • Plan E

    Summer of 2020 was supposed to be in sunkissed Europe, but it all went wrong and now your next holiday won’t be before ’21. Now, that’s no reason to stop planning. In fact, we’ve decided to help you out with our ace guide to planning a holiday in Europe

    Words by: Aninda Sardar

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