The Tata Altroz gets the much-needed power upgrade and yes the iTurbo delivers sheer driving fun

Words and photography by Team Just Urbane

First things first, to better something you always start where you left scope for improvisation. I’ll as well start where I ended my Tata Altroz review, there were only a couple of places I wanted Tata to step up, and offering a powerful heart to take the competition head-on was one of it, rather the most important one of it. You can read the review here to know more about what we feel about the Tata Altroz -

Tata surely had the plan in their head and on its first anniversary and have given the Altroz a new turbocharged heart, the variant called Altroz iTurbo. The iTurbo is powered with a 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine that develops maximum power of 110PS at 5500rpm and a peak torque of 140Nm at 1500 – 5500 rpm mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. This turbocharged heart is all the Altroz needed to be an extremely competitive and compelling rival in the premium hot hatch segment.

Performance has now gone up by several yards and this is exactly the performance the Altroz needed to attempt to supersede its rivals. The acceleration does not send chills down to your spine neither does it push you backward in the seat when you floor the throttle. But, there is a subdued alacrity from its super responsive engine which gets things pretty interesting inside the cabin. 100kmph comes easy in third gear and the Altroz iTurbo can cruise at triple-digit speeds the entire day without making a fuss about it. Tata has offered the car with two driving modes – City and Sport. The Altroz iTurbo gets an express cool feature which is an added advantage during summers. Tata has also equipped the car with iRA which is a connected car technology and offers 27 connected car features.

The Altroz iTurbo misses out on an auto gearbox and this is disappointing. For the segment the Altroz is making waves in, an auto gearbox is a must to have. Tata, are you listening? The car now goes beyond 150kmph and comes off as an extremely stable handler while the ride is stable at those speeds, the speed mark which was impossible to attain in the non-turbo version of Altroz. The Altroz iTurbo has surely set the competition on fire and now runs neck to neck with its overseas rivals.