With scarfs, neck-ware, and mufflers upping their game this season, let’s find out how best we can arrest this trend and stand apart from the crowd!

Words Sreshta Bhattacharya

The chilly season is around the corner and it’s time to take fashion seriously. From warming up to cozy jackets, to donning a pair of leather boots, winter wear has often witnessed people tapping on the popular usuals. A very little section of that crowd has learned to appreciate the long piece of fabric around their neck ‘the beloved scarf’! When it comes to scarves there is something for everyone! Whether you are first time buyer, a hoarder, or an ideal gift finder, this is your stop for all scarves that you need to know.

"Nothing defines pure elegance and class as a cashmere around your neck."

Speak of Hi-Fashion & Comfort with Oversized Scarves

As the name suggests these scarves are unusually larger than the normal size! If you are bold and fearless and want to make a grand entrance, then this is your masterpiece. These effortless runway statements are also known as blanket scarves and are often paired with neutral or monochromatic overalls. Combining fashion and comfort, this is just the perfect snug. Found in bright colors or bold patterns, these beauties add the much-needed contrast commanding great attention and even greater appreciation. Guess, what was once a sensational meme on American singer and songwriter Lenny Kravitz, and quite recently spotted on American actor and producer Jennifer Garner has caught on as a cool trend for this season!

Stack up all things printed Logos, color-blocks and faceprints

If you are a scarf lover and are looking to add versatility to your winter wardrobe then prints are for you. Whether you are loyal to Manchester United or a fan of Burberry, there is always a way to show your love with scarves. In fact Balenciaga’s logomania is best represented in their scarves! One can also pick innumerable options for their everyday outfit with colorful blocks ranging from lighter hues of red, yellow, blue to darker patterns of brown, black, and grey. Further, right from the heart of Milan and Paris, what has arrived is an acquired sense of fashion – the faceprints. One must be quirky to embrace faceprints on silk and padded shirts, shorts, jumpers, and even jeans. But its lingering inspiration on the scarfves is what is unique and is a limited edition. Mirroring a jumper or a sweater, these scarves are inseparable pairs, designed to detail and are often found in the racks of luxury fashion boutiques.

Coddle up to Cashmere

Nothings defines pure elegance and class as a cashmere around your neck! For those who hate spending too much time deciding on what’s best for them, but still want a superior quality, cashmere is your best friend. One can never go wrong with them no matter the age or gender. It not only keeps you warm but is also super comfortable and soft. These scarves are slightly on the expensive side and would need special care

While there are checked, ribbed, and plaid cashmeres, they look best in solid colours and are often paired to compliment rather than contrast one’s ensemble. Whether it’s a formal cocktail evening or a quick offsite meeting, cashmere will ensure you shine!

Enjoy comfort, old Wool style

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned scarf in an icy weather! A staple to every man’s closet, these natural heaters are sturdy and look their best around the clock. If you prefer low maintenance and can’t care less, pick one of these and be sure for it to last a long time under stretching and repeat washing conditions. Sporting a casual look, these go best with checkered shirts, jeans, chinos, beanies, and against a dark overcoat or jacket. One is often drawn towards shades of burgundy, tan and grey either in patterns, prints, or a solid colour. The fringe details on the ends are classic and add an ‘old soul’ element to these scarves. One can wear these at home while entertaining guests or while out on an adventurous trail!

Love gently with Crochet Scarf

Handmade with love, these are gender-neutral and often a fun accessory to throw on for a sunny winter walk. These come in several varieties like basic crochet, two-color yarn, Japanese Fan Crocheted, chunky crochet and are often paired with a matching beanie or soft mittens. People with a bohemian vibe will find their heartstrings drawn towards these. Often found in bright and happy colorus, these are paired with sweaters, are sharable and budget-friendly. These are fantastic holiday gift items and if you receive one, chances are it has been knitted by that person. 

Make choices for a greater social good:

If you shop with your values then this must be close to your heart. Several homegrown and international brands have been offering options that are vegan, cruelty-free, high on ethical scales, and sustainable.  If you are an animal lover or are interested to know the origin of your scarves, you could explore these options. These are a tad bit expensive, however, they serve a greater purpose and benefits several lives. Minimalistic in nature, these scarves are usually made from vegan materials such as hand-loomed, turkish cotton and are available in pastel shades.

Cravats or scarves have been a defining  accessory since the 19th century, but their modern versions have been getting better with every season. Between showstopping trends and brands creating opportunities for you to buy, pick your favorite warmer that best suits your sense of style!