The Power Of The Mind - Heal Through Positivity

The Power Of The Mind - Heal Through Positivity

Our mind is capable of doing far more than what we think it can. The only trick is to know how to unlock this life-altering power

Words By Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Integrative Medicine 

At the outset, let us understand one thing. It is impossible to stay positive all the time. It is impossible to think positively all the time. If there is any guru or a spiritual person asking you to “stay positive”, you must reconsider taking advice from them, because it is impossible for us to remain positive every time. As humans, each of us will encounter varying levels of anger, hate, jealousy, resentment, fear and so many more. What counts is that we must not get sucked into it. Feel the emotion, do not brush it under the carpet, but also do things that can help you shift towards positivity. 

We see the power of the mind and its role in bettering a health condition for someone in our day to day practice and it all starts with belief and faith, or mindset in general. Our minds can be the biggest tool to heal us but it can be the biggest obstacle too. When we consult patients – we ask them one question on whether they believe they are going to get better or not. If they believe in it, we 100% know that they are on the right path. If they do not, we know that a lot of time needs to be spent on coaching their mindsets.

It is not a replacement or a magic drug, but it works with consistency and in combination with various other lifestyle changes.

Here are some practices that help immensely – 
Using the power of your subconscious mind and visualisation –

The power of our subconscious mind is beyond measure and we can use it to our advantage in almost every sphere of our life – health, finances, family, relationships, wealth and abundance or personal growth. Visualisation has the capacity to train your subliminal the very second you sit down to practice it. Each of us has the ability to tell our subconscious how we want our life, weight, body, career to be or how you want your disease to heal. We don’t have to depend on what everyone around us says. Just because most people believe that a fourth stage cancer is the last stage, it does not really have to be that way. We all know that some people even after the fourth stage are living and some are even thriving. Similarly, most have formed a belief system that Type 2 diabetes cannot be reversed and that you have to live with it, yet we all know people who have reversed their diabetes completely. When we believe and make our subconscious mind rigid with the belief, that is where we put a limit to healing.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you are not made to be a manager or you do not have what it takes to make a good leader? And believed that too! If yes, then that is where you have stopped in life because someone has seeded the thought in your subconscious. Understand that that was just one person’s perspective and he/she could be wrong too. You’ll notice so many people who were once deemed as failures are now some of the most successful people in the world.  So, most self-limiting thoughts are our own beliefs and what our subconscious believes.

If you are the one undergoing cancer treatment and dealing with it, you have the power to form a mental picture of how you would want to live your life without it 6 months or a year later. You can visualise that you are doing something you love to do or are on holiday with your near and dear ones. You have to visualise the picture so clearly that your mind starts believing that it is almost going to happen.

Visualisation is not about wanting a hundred thousand dollars. You got to visualise the feeling when those hundred thousand dollars are coming into your life. Visualise how would you be spending those dollars, visualise the joy in your face when that happens. That is the deepness of visualisation and it is boundless. Visualisation is thought plus feeling associated with it. The simplest proof of this is the placebo effect. The power of placebo is well known by doctors as well and it exists in medical literature as well.

Teach it to your children, whether they want to win a race or ace their examinations. Make them build a mental picture in their subconscious mind and see how life changes. I can’t guarantee you will get $500,000 but I can guarantee that there’s going to be a positive change in your health, mindset and most importantly, your well-being.  Fear, doubt and insecurity are the most self- limiting factors to our own progress in life.

What do we lose if we tell our mind and body that the disease is going to get better? You aren’t lying. You are simply seeding this thought into your subconscious mind over and over again.

The practice is simple – close your eyes and draw a picture of what you want in life, or simply play a movie in your mind. Feel the emotion associated with it. Sink into it completely. It is as simple as that. Visualise freely and unconditionally and never chase it. Visualise and surrender to it.


Words said with conviction carry a lot of energy. In fact, it’s said that words have the power of life and death. This is precisely why when we declare a patient who is critically ill, the number of days/ weeks s/he will live, it is literally like declaring a death sentence.

Positive affirmations help reprogramme our subconscious mind and trick it to think positive. A simple yet powerful affirmation is: “Every day and in every way, my mind and body are healing me.” Repeat this out loud or in your mind with faith and conviction until it becomes a part of your subconscious mind and believes in the healing intelligence of your body. Positive affirmations can be a part of a healing protocol for almost all diseases and conditions ranging from obesity, low immunity to diabetes, poor skin/ hair health, cancer, autoimmunity, and more. This is the basis of every chant, mantra and prayers that spirituality teaches too. 


We all know how powerful gratitude is, well, advance gratitude powerful too. In this, one moves from the present to the future and gives thanks in advance.  For e.g.:  One could give thanks for a PET scan report which may come in after 3 months. Or, thank the business for generating X amount of profit by the year-end. Or it could even be that you are headed for your first chemotherapy session, but you are also practising advance gratitude for your successful 9th chemotherapy session. This way, you are already grateful for what you have as well as grateful for what the future has in store. If we are positive about our future, we are also going to draw more positive future towards us. Again, what do you lose by doing this? Nothing.

Therefore, you right now have the power to change every characteristic of your health by controlling every single thought that passes through your mind, since your body achieves, what your mind believes!