I Did It My Way



Aren’t we all caught in an endless cycle of monotony? Every day has the same old routine; wake up, rush to work, come back and plonk yourself on the bed. The thing is, we’ve all gotten so used to our routines that a day without any work occupying our minds feels absurd. I come from a family that, like most Indian families, believes in working hard and saving up for a comfortable and lavish future. This theory makes me conclude the fact that we humans are a funny species; quite optimistic too! We can plan our lives after retirement right from our dream house to the thread count of our sheets but, err, what about now?

This monotony is something that our cover star Gianluca Vacchi steers clear of. Well, I can guarantee that things turned out pretty well for the 53-year-old Italian DJ, entrepreneur and social media giant. For him, the fun part of life didn’t hit a dead-end once he crossed his 40s. In fact, it was at the age of 46 that Gianluca decided to take a deep breath and jump headfirst to pursue his true passion. “I am still an entrepreneur because I still own my packaging machinery companies. From the age of 25 to 46, I was into financial and industrial businesses only. It was at the age of 46 when I realised that the curiosity towards this kind of a world was switching off by each passing day. I said to myself that if I wanted to have the chance to live a second life, then this was the moment to do that.”

“I joined social media and like with everything I do, I did it

well and gave it everything I had. I understood that the conventions of entertainment were changing. I imagined that if I would have shown my way or my lifestyle, then I would be a global entertainer, which at the end, is exactly what happened.” No, this isn’t him showing off, it’s his reality - the story of a man who built his empire and is proud of it too.

Imagined that if I would’ve shown my lifestyle, would have been a global entertainer, which at the end, is exactly what happened.


Gianluca is widely famous for his music and dance videos, oh and his chiselled, tattoo-covered body too. With 17.1 million followers on Instagram, Gianluca’s fan-base is truly extensive. Upon the release of his new music video, Para, alongside musician Ir Sais, the video garnered more than 3.3 million views in under three days! Some of his older songs like Trump It have nothing less than six crore views! That’s how much people love watching the Italian stallion dance and groove in his music videos.

“I’ve always been in the world of music because my grandmother and my mother were piano teachers. I was playing the piano at the age of six. I loved playing instruments and dancing. When I converted myself into a celebrity, I said to myself that I wanted to add some artistic content to my status, and that was the right chance to let people see my passion for music. Thereon, I simply did it.”

One might think that every step to where Gianluca is now, must’ve been one carefully chalked out plan, but that’s not the case. Instead, he believes in accepting life as it comes. “I never make plans. I just do what I want to do at the moment. I know that people get scared about leaving what they do every day even if it’s full of monotony. But anything can happen. What has driven me was the necessity to follow my dreams. And the need for knowing something more and getting out of my routine. I always wanted to run away from my comfort zone, and I always wanted to follow my dreams. When I find something that I am particularly inspired by, then I do it with commitment and discipline. But I leave my brain and soul free to be surprised by life.”

At this point in his life, there’s no single dream that he hasn’t converted into reality; and for someone as adventurous as Gianluca, he sure has

When I find something that I am particularly inspired by, I do it with commitment and discipline.I  leave my brain and my soul free to be surprised by life.


some memorable experiences that life has given him. “I have so many experiences that I can’t name one out of them! I’ve lived so many. I had the chance to perform at Tomorrowland when I was 50-years-old. I’ve had the opportunity to lead important businesses when I was super young. What makes it all special is the fact that when I was super young, I got to experience things that people wish to live when they’re older. I’ve seen both sides.”

If you take a good look at Gianluca’s Instagram feed, you’ll see him dancing with his wife Sharon, riding a motorbike from his collection or celebrating his birthday on a private yacht – the GV LifeStyle! On some days, you’ll even see him stepping out in his silk jammies, and he still manages to make everything look like couture. I was curious to know about the most extraordinary outfit that he owns, “Oh, I own so many! Literally, I own so many. But the most special thing that I own, which is not an accessory for men exactly, but I love to wear it. It is a diamond necklace that is 3.5 meters. It’s more like an investment than an accessory (haha), but it is maybe the most particular accessory that I own. When I wear it, people think that they’re not real diamonds and I find that funny,” he replies with a chuckle.

Gianluca’s obsession with luxurious things doesn’t end there. He tells me about his beloved motorcycle collection that has Harleys and Triumphs and an old Italian Vespa among the big bad boys as well. He tells me that he hasn’t been on any long road trips on his bikes but wishes to do it someday. Irrespective of his vast collection, his take on luxury is very simple. “Luxury, for me, is not in the inherent sense of the word. It can even mean having a couple of hours for yourself and to go for a walk. It is to be able to do what you want to do. Luxury is living life as you want to live, not as you are forced to live.”

Luxury for me is not in the inherent sense of word. it is living life as you want to live, not as you are forced to live.


His one true prized possession? “It’s time,” he says, “Don’t lose time but invest in it. Time is the most precious thing we have, and once it’s gone, it never comes back.” As of now, he’s busy making music and training to keep himself fit, and in addition to this, he’s also investing time in his family and a baby girl who is well on her way.

Talking about the one thing he firmly believes in, he tells me that his mantra in life is, “Living life to the fullest. Never losing one day and waking up aware that today is the first day of what I still have to live. You don’t have to be scared of changing what you’re doing just because you understand that it’s not what you want to do anymore. You need to be flexible and brave while making decisions.” 

One of the many things Gianluca is famous for, viral even, is his carefree attitude. He’s what most men wish to be like in their 50s. “This is my nature, you know? I was born like this. I don’t do anything particular to be what I am. I go with being brave, and I’m aware that we just have one life and you need to live it to the fullest without being scared of anything. I’ve always been DJing and trying to do whatever I want to without thinking about the consequences. Of course, I don’t know what life is going to bring me in terms of experiences, but I am open to that next step.”

Our chat had ended when Sharon politely took over the call and said, “Gianluca is going to drive the boat now. I hope he answered everything you needed?” “Everything and more!” I replied. During my standard post-interview analysis, I arrived at one conclusion. Gianluca Vacchi was, without a doubt, living proof of the fact that sometimes when you take that leap of faith, things do begin to look up. Well, even when you’re flying high in your private jet!

Believe in living life to the fullest and never losing one day. I am aware that today is the first day of what I still have to live.