The Immersive Beauty- Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit

The Imagine Van Gogh Exhibition leaves the viewers absolutely awestruck by the displays throughout the show.

Words Amisha Shirgave

One must definitely know who the great Van Gogh was and how even after 130 years after his death, he still remains one of the famous artists of all time. One wouldn’t doubt this for a second after witnessing his art and the emotions that flow through it. The radiant landscapes, vibrant portraits, and the dynamic still lives that have come to characterize the artist have all been painted in his signature style, which is characterized by thick, artistic brushstrokes and a bright color palette. Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit pays homage to Van Gogh's creativity in both his art and his life.

“Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition” casts artwork onto the surrounding surfaces, allowing one to see the paintings in greater detail and explore more about the renowned Van Gogh. Van Gogh's work from the last two years of his life including "The Starry Night" and "Bedroom in Arles has been focused more upon in this exhibition. The exhibition is accompanied with music composed by Saint-Saens, Mozart, Bach, Delibes and Satie.

This Immersive exhibition is the creation of artist Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron. They have formed a collection of Van Gogh’s work and have displayed it with utmost authencity which even attracts people who have not known art their entire life.  According to Mauger, the exhibition is a new way for people to see art exhibits and will appeal to the younger generation. The synchronized amplification of an accompanying soundtrack adds to the spectators' complete immersion in the work. An active viewer will get immersed into world of images in which they are free to develop and discover in their own unique way. 

The Imagine Van Gogh Immersive Exhibition is to be displayed in four cities: Boston, Edmonton, Vancouver and Seattle. It is currently being displayed in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convection and Exhibition Centre. The display in Vancouver began from 19 March 2021 and is going to be there till August 29, 2021. The Exhibit was recently visited by the crew of Riverdale, a famous American teen drama. Veronica aka Camila Mendes took to her Instagram to share some pictures and videos of the crew’s visit.