ICW Day 2: From Gaurav Gupta’s cosmic grandeur, to Suneet Varma’s celebration of life

The Day 2 of the 14th edition of India Couture Week, organised by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) showcased bridal collections from Gaurav Gupta and Suneet Varma. Siddartha Tytler also made his debut. 

Celestial postcard from the cosmos

For Gaurav Gupta, life is a perpetual voyage through the cosmos. Galactic influences have long underpinned his work—comet-inspired motifs and cosmic hues conjure celestial goddesses for the modern age. And at a time when the pandemic has halted life as we know it, the couturier is choosing to live vicariously through his creations for his couture 2021/22 lineup, titled ‘Universal Love’, which was presented on Day 2 of India Couture Week.

With this couture presentation Gupta strives to bring perception to the dialogue surrounding sexualities, gender fluidity, boundaries and identities because there is always a reason to keep celebrating love in all its forms, ages, sizes, shapes and colours. 

The collection is shamelessly glittering and glamorously star-like and is inspired by the Universe. The expanse of the cosmos, the millions of stars, the axis, and the movement of all planets and racing comets inspire abstract galactic embroideries and silhouettes. The garments exude a sense of expanse and grandeur of the cosmos. All done to strive -perfect harmony and love. 

A gown in neptune blue with embroidery strokes that look like comets flying, and the structure having an endless rhythmic quality. A concept lehenga sculpted in cosmic grey, embellished with sprinkles of shaded glass in blue and gunmetal. A hybrid Indian gown in asteroid pink with a large multi-layered skirt and rainshower patterned embroidery.  A cosmic violet gown with fan-like structures giving a sense of movement and rhythm for a futuristic princess.

Nectar of the God

Delhi-based designer Siddartha Tytler made his debut at Day 2 of India Couture Week with the launch of his exquisite Ambrosia Couture 2022 Collection. Ambrosia, in Greek mythology, is the ‘Nectar of the God.’ The collection seeks its inspiration from purity, color, and ethereal significance. Its color palette is dominated by ivory and shades of gold. The silhouettes primarily play with the concept of volume, as the collection comprises gorgeous Anarkalis with 50 kalis for men and women; lehengas, sherwanis with gigantic skirts, and ruffled dupattas. 

Beautiful pastels

Next up was Suneet Varma who took us on an exciting journey of young lovers, secret love notes, stolen glances, and the importance of celebration in life through his Noor collection. The collection comprises of beautiful pastels - in mint, ice-blue, blush, and yellow, with tone-on-tone embroidery in delicate glass beads, crystals, and threadwork for a daytime function in ultra-feminine, soft, flowy silhouettes. The groom wears easy, pastel-colored sherwanis with thread embroidery and modern hemlines. The wedding collection is in varied shades of Ruby, Sindhoor, and Sienna Reds. Suneet stays true to his passion for creating new embroidery techniques and mixes old traditional arts with a modern eye- for the shapes and silhouettes.