How To Buy The Right Perfume

Fragrances you wear are extensions of yourself. So, know how to buy a signature scent.

Word by: Team Just Urbane

Who doesn’t like to smell good? Smelling good makes you feel good and boosts your confidence. Also, the fragrance of the perfume sends out positive vibes to the people around you. Hence, it is very important to use the right perfume that suits your personality.

There are many reasons for using perfumes. While some use it to make a signature statement or leave an impression, others do it to cover the bad odour or to enhance their natural scent to attract the person they like. Be it this or be it that, there is a perfume for all your situations. Here are a few tips to help you buy the right fragrance.

Don’t just pick up any perfume in the shop because you’ve heard about it. Test it on your skin first. Not only is it possible that you could be allergic to some perfumes, but a fragrance that made your favourite actor look good, doesn’t mean it will help you get the girl.

Never buy a perfume just because you liked how it smelled on your colleague/friend. Signature scent is uniquely your own, so what may smell nice on others may not be as good on your skin. Signature scent means the particular chemical makeup of the body, which tells you how your skin will take to any fragrance that you put on.  The signature scents are influenced by your lifestyle habits and choices, diet, or our skin type and many other factors.

Theme is what creates variation among fragrances.  Known as accord, it is dependent on the base upon which the perfume is formulated, and there are four common accords used in making perfumes.

Musk: Always considered sexy and alluring, they were earlier made from the sacs of animals such as the civet and the Asian musk deer, they are now synthetically formulated. 

Earth: This tone lends an air of mystery upon the wearer, formulated from minerals or from non-flowering plants such as cinnamon, vanilla, honey and sandalwood.

Citrus: Created from fruits rich in citric acid, like oranges, bergamots and lemons, they are always light and fresh-smelling.

Floral: The most common theme among perfumes; as the name suggests, they are made from the essence of flowers and are often strong, clinging and sweet.

They are known as the impressions of a fragrance. It is the lasting air left by the perfume as it evaporates from the skin. They all contain three notes and all of them are as important as the other. 

Top note: It is the first impression created by the fragrance.  It is supposed to attract people to the scent, but it quickly dissolves.

Heart note: called the body of the perfume, the perfume’s essence.  It tells the smeller what the fragrance is supposed to be about.

Base note: the scent that lingers after the top note and the heart note evaporates.  It is the main message of the perfume.

Concentration is an important indicator about the purity of the perfume, which tells you about the amount of perfume oil added into the fragrance. The purest form of perfume is extremely volatile and can cause irritations when applied right onto the skin. To avoid the situation, perfume makers mix ethanol and water in the perfume oil. Perfume extracts are the most concentrated among fragrances, which should be used only on the body’s pulse points.

Never rush when buying your perfume. The best way to understand a fragrance is to spray some on your wrist and let it linger for about 30 minutes. The three notes usually take about 30 minutes to show its true effects. If you like what you smell on yourself after that time, go ahead and buy the fragrance. 

Perfumes are an extension of your personality and always remember that before buying one. Keep in mind that the chemical makeup of a perfume is delicate. You should never keep your fragrances in extremely cold or extremely hot places, or under direct sunlight. Also, never hoard your perfumes or else they will just evaporate. Keep spraying!