Health check measures in times of covid

Have you ever wondered what could have possibly been so wrong in one’s life that they no longer wish to live? 

It is actually surprising to know how negligent people were or still are towards the term ‘mental health’. Many don’t even want to consider it as they don’t think there’s any such thing such as mental health and it is just all in one’s mind. Well, increasing cases of suicide and especially by youngsters in the past decade has brought some attention to the importance of mental health. The reason for this is more than just the educational pressure and the sad part is not many have tried to know or research about any alternative reasons. Have you ever wondered what could have possibly been so wrong in one’s life that they no longer wish to live? Well, the pandemic that began in March 2020 had affected people of all ages. Right from school going kids to working professionals, it had definitely taken a toll on everyone. It was not easy to adjust with staying inside our homes for months, working from home and not being able to see our loved ones. That is a complete change in one’s routine and lifestyle we’re talking about. Everything just turned into a digital world within a couple of days and obviously it was difficult for everyone to fit into the new world. While we all kept fighting through those tough times, watching the havoc this virus had caused and advising each other to stay in and take care of themselves, did anyone really talk about the mental pressure the situation had created? Or how is everyone dealing with it emotionally? The sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput was reported as a case of suicide due to mental illness or what was termed as depression. Just within a couple of hours of the actor’s death, there were posts and messages trending on social media platforms about how and why everyone should keep their mental health in check and get diagnosed and treated if one has symptoms. Well, with all my respect, I’d say it took a death of a famous actor to spread some mental health awareness. But as they say, it’s never too late for some good to happen. It was heart-warming to see how millions gained courage to come out on social media and share their mental health story and the way it encouraged others and gave strength and hope to the one’s suffering through it. With the lockdown was slowly being lifted, people were excited about the year 2021 as the number of covid-19 cases were decreasing. The public had just started to come out of the quarantine zone and enter the ‘new normal’. The cases seemed to be in control during the initial months of 2021 but due to utter carelessness and violation of covid-19 rules by people, the cases have now increased and have broken the previous year’s record too.

We fought through the second wave too which was far more dangerous than the first one. With the second wave attacking young people, the situation around has been frightening. So, I’m more than sure that this has affected everyone in all possible ways. Just when the world was beginning to get back on its track, here we are, recovering from the second wave, having flashbacks from 2020 and preparing for the possible third wave. Well, the situation around us is severe and scary and it is best for all of us to stay home. Even if we’re vaccinated, we need to avoid social gatherings and crowded places as much as we can. While we’re doing that, I’d like to mention few ways to avoid neglecting your mental and emotional health. While many might like to pretend to be strong through these times, I think you shouldn’t feel the need to pretend if you’re really strong and also it is completely okay to be a little disturbed and feel scared at this hour. Honestly, the only key to survive through this lockdown is keeping yourself busy into work along with doing a bit of what brings you peace and joy EVERYDAY! That might include a morning workout or, making yourself and your family some breakfast, learning a new language, facetiming your friends and loved ones and checking up on them every now and then, starting a Netflix show of a genre that is new to you, grooving to some music or just staying in bed reading your current favourite book. There is a lot you can do to take care of yourself. And who knows, by practising a few new activities, you might end up exploring something new and interesting about yourself. I understand that getting out of your bed in the morning itself requires a lot of motivation and you don’t really feel like doing all these activities with all your heart and enthusiasm but once you begin to see how effective these small habits can be for your mental health and the peace and happiness it will bring to you, I promise you’ll want to carry these habits for life.

 I think you shouldn't feel the need to pretend if you're really strong and also it is completely okay to be a little disturbed and feel scared.