The Exquisite Royalty | Maharaja - Roop Pratap Chaudhary

Noor Mahal in Karnal is a beautiful blend of ancient royal elegance and luxury that breathes comfort for all of its visitors while preserving the country’s heritage. While in conversation with Mr. Roop Partap Choudhary, he walks us through the finer details of the palace.

The sumptuous majesty of the era of Indian maharajas is endorsed by Noor Mahal Palace, which boasts an appealing combination of features inspired by architecture from Mughal and Rajputana designs. The Palace is the definition of Magnificent. Nested in a wide area of nature, Noor Mahal is the perfect destination to celebrate every occasion and carry home an amazing bunch of memories. While sharing the details with Just Urbane, Mr. Roop Partap Choudhary, Executive Director, Noor Mahal, and Jewel Group of Hotels, tells us about the uniqueness of the palace, the hospitality it provides, and his future plans for the same.

Noor Mahal embraces its heritage and is, without doubt, rich in its royalties. Mr. Partap adds, “Noor Mahal is a salutation and celebration of the Indian royal era. We wanted to bring grandeur, majesty, beauty and luxury into the modern world so that people could experience it all first hand. It has been designed and built following authentic architectural designs and using traditional painting and stonework to complete the ambiance. Wide verandahs, open spaces, spacious galleries, abundance of natural light and ventilation, Indian antiques and artifacts, photographs encapturing the royal era, I can safely say it is a palace built in modern times overlooking acres of green lands.” The rooms are adorned by beautiful frescos for a complete royal look, finished with luxury and ultimate modern comfort. Every nook and corner has been beautified by multiple regional award-winning artists. Royalty oozes out of their culinary offerings too. They have on menu traditional dishes from the land and era, cooked with authentic recipes. Noor Mahal has earned the repute of being one of the country’s most majestic palace hotels.

The Palace is well known for not only its beauty and hospitality but also for the antique artwork it displays throughout the property. It is an addition to the list of elements that makes Noor Mahal so special. When asked about the person who has played a major role in curating the art for the palace, Mr. Partap said, “The credit of the idea to build a palatial hotel, when other hospitality brands were moving towards building conventional hotels, goes to my father Colonel Manbeer Singh Choudhary. It was his brainchild, which was designed by the country’s notable architect Himmat Singh and vetted by Nimish Patel, the famous architect from Gujarat. 

The credit for the beautiful decor and art collection would not have been possible without the contribution of my mother Ms. Binny Choudhary. Her ideas, knowledge of art, and eye for beauty have been the power behind the intricate detailing at Noor Mahal.“Mr. Tushar Joshi has been working closely with us over the years for the upkeep, renovations, and expansion of Noor Mahal. His strong knowledge in regional architecture and craftsmanship, research, and resourcefulness has made it possible to seamlessly expand the facility. I like to actively participate in acquiring artworks from across the globe to add to the art collection on display. Noor Mahal easily has more artwork displayed than any other hotel in the country,” adds Mr. Choudhary.

The inherent Indianness of Noor Mahal Palace Hotel is unique. Noor Mahal Palace Hotel is recognised as a notable name on three fronts–weddings & MICE events, staycation and culinary excellence. Noor Mahal has become a preferred wedding and MICE event destination in the country, for which they provide 360-degree solutions and services. Also, they do not believe in restricting their services in packages. Customers appreciate the flexibility and the personalized service. Travellers from all age groups and groups of various compositions–families, friends, colleagues, etc, choose Noor Mahal Palace Hotel to create memories. 

Food is one of the key elements of hospitality at Noor Mahal Palace Hotel and they make sure that they deliver excellence every time. Be it international cuisine or Indian delicacies, they take the quality of culinary preparations very seriously. When asked about cuisine specialties at the palace, Mr. Choudhary says, “While curating the culinary offering we kept in mind that the theme of the hotel along with customer preferences. ‘Polo Bar’ a uniquely designed colonial-style English restaurant bar serves drinks for every mood. It has the perfect ambiance for evenings with an eclectic collection of fine spirits, cognacs, and cigars meant for the connoisseur in you. ‘Frontier Mail’ is an award-winning restaurant, designed to recreate the legendary Frontier Mail that operated between Mumbai and Peshawar during pre-independence days with elements taken from the actual train. The restaurant offers an incomparable choice of authentic food, drinks & entertainment. 

It definitely was a task for everyone in the hotel business to keep up their hospitality and maintain safety throughout the pandemic. “COVID 19 has certainly affected the traveller traction, but slowly post lockdown things are getting back to normal. The safety of our guests and staff is our priority. To welcome our guests back, we are totally in tune with the new normal. We have upgraded our technology systems to enable no-touch servicing and minimum human intervention. We have revamped our hygiene and sanitation practices, with special concentration on the high-frequency places such as the lobby. All the Noor Mahal staff has been vaccinated as per government guidelines,” says Mr. Choudhary.

While concluding our conversation, I couldn’t resist but ask Mr. Choudhary about his future plans for the Palace. He told us about the cities and countries they’re planning to expand the chain in. Mr. Choudhary says, “The Noor Mahal brand is expanding in India and globally. Our luxury heritage hotel brand, Noor Mahal Palace’s premium restaurant called ‘Colonel Saab’ is ready to host guests in London. At High Holborn, located in Central London, ‘Colonel Saab’ is our way to celebrate the deep-rooted grandeur and greatness of Indian flavours with a contemporary take.”