Virtual reality has reached beyond technology and it enables us to experience or see things that don’t even exist. A dream, an imagination, a parallel universe possibility- everything we wish to see can come true with VR

Words Amisha Shirgave

Imagine being able to experience the sound of the waves crashing the shore, the light breeze passing through your hair and the beautiful scenery of the sun setting at horizon while you’re home, in pajamas. Well this is possible because of virtual reality. It allows one to experience things that don’t exist in reality. The advances in this augmented reality technology build a computer-simulated world, and they provide cutting-edge solutions. Cutting-edge technology has broken hurdles, allowing various industrial setups to adopt it in order to develop various marketing strategies. Virtual Reality can be best described a exciting way of travelling with the power of technology.

Virtual Reality creates a three-dimensional computer-generated world in which realistic human experiences can be explored. The computer-simulated environment allows the simulation of human presence in the actual or imagined world. Due to this, it is easier to get experience of something that you would have never known or seen if it weren’t for VR. While VR is extremely beneficial in the business and entertainment industry, it also beyond helpful in the education sector. A human brain can capture and remember the visuals more effectively than the words on a blank page. It is because the visuals give a picture to their imagination. The VR does exactly the same and one can only imagine how effective it is in the education sector. VR creates a digital environment where students get to interact and grasp deep understanding of topics that couldn’t otherwise be explained so easily. 

VR’s are in high demand when it comes to gaming. Using VR’s while gaming gives you the experience of actual being inside the game. All this experience just with a VR headset. So fascinating! Well, the high cost for the VR headsets is a major barrier for larger masses to experience this thrill but as the advantages of a VR cannot be denied, there has been an increase in demand for VR’s globally. Few companies such as Oculus, Sony PlayStation, Valve Index, HTC viva cosmos etc. are major players in the VR industry.