2021 is all about revamping yourself to a better version of you. Give your space the much-needed pick-me-up by trying out these trending colours



Pantone announced its selection of the Colour of the Year and one of them is Ultimate Grey. Plain grey or lilac grey are gender-neutral shades that can make your space look cosy and sophisticated while maintaining a minimal vibe. This colour gives out a warm feeling and makes your space look classy. Add a few pieces that are in the same family as grey and give your room a little bit of contrast. Adding whites and black pieces will give your room some depth and add to the charm of it. If you’re going for a solid monochrome, then make sure you don’t add anything that would overpower the aesthetics of your room. Pick your items only from complementary colours so they all blend well together. Small potted plants will add a pop of colour and they will also not disrupt the vibe you’re trying to create.


Teal brings a sense of optimism to your home and a combination of blue-green and grey will do the job. Create the vibe of your room by painting your walls with this colour and pair it with antique decor pieces and artwork. Choose the palette you want to play around in and make sure it doesn’t steal away from the main colour. Instead, add different items in colours that will make your teal pop out even more. Try experimenting with white or cream coloured cushions and blankets. The choice of artwork you choose to adorn your teal wall with will say a lot about your choice and personality. Add elegant pieces of furniture and lamps to add some extra aesthetics to your room. You can go with a solid finish for your wall or add a little bit of a textured finish to make it look artsier.


Green is a colour that brings a sense of freshness and growth. For those who love the outdoors, this one’s where you can bring a little sense of the outdoors to your very own room. You can colour your walls with a bottle green shade or keep one wall with the said colour and have the rest with grunge white and black effect to make it look more aesthetic. Since this one’s close to nature, it makes sense to have more natural items in the room rather than modern pieces. You can add a bunch of your favourite plant babies and put their planters in jute bags for a raw look. Instead of going for plush sofas, you can also experiment with cane chairs or low seaters. Add colours like white, black, green and grey to make your colour stand out and these colours will also make the room look fresher.


White brings a sense of peace and purity. After a long and tiring day, you want to come back to a home that is peaceful so you can unwind. If you like minimal and love whites, this one’s for you. The easiest and cleanest way to style a white room is to keep it simple. Keep your walls, curtains and flooring white and then add in elements that are either from shades of cream or soft pastels. If you’re going with pastels, avoid using bright, pop colours as that will disrupt the vibe you’re trying to create. Go with simple, playful elements like a puffy or a plush couch. You can modernise your furniture with this rich colour. The trick to nailing a completely white room is to keep it as simple as possible and keep your colours soft and minimal to maintain a balance in your space.