Breath and Build

In the daily humdrum of life, have we forgotten to value and respect our choices? Are we still chasing our dreams or are we busy following the footprints society has left behind?

Word by: Amisha Shirgave

As We Are Almost Half Way Through 2022 and getting back to our routine lives, it feels like we’ve literally skipped 2 years of our lives due to the pandemic. And now, we’re trying to make up for it. But did you ever ask yourself if you’re ready to process ‘change’ so rapidly or are you just following too many influencers on Instagram? I’m disappointed when I look around and see that people still feel the need to get indirect validation from society for living their lives. It’s like there’s a checkbox made of the good and the bad. And everybody just wants to be perfect. Everybody wants to be a part of the rat race even when there is a risk of losing yourself during the journey and ending up forgetting about their destination. Everybody wants to lead a lifestyle that will be appreciated and liked by people around them even if it kills them to adapt to that lifestyle. I call it self-sabotaging and not growth.

 When you start to let go of the guilty urge to build permanent habits, that’s when you realise the essence of being a human. You need to understand that every human is unique and what works for someone else might not work for you. You need to take time to understand your lifestyle and then make necessary changes without pushing yourself too hard because again, change is a slow process. What excites you today might not excite you a year later and that’s okay. Of course, that’s okay because, in that year, you’ve been through certain situations that have changed your taste, your perception, and even your choices. Stretching yourself, trying new things, and making small, realistic goals are all part of the growth. It is fine if you don't choose a "good habit" that you've resolved to follow constantly and forever right from that moment. That isn't discipline. That's a pointless self-torture and an unhealthy reluctance to change. What is beneficial to you today may not be beneficial to you tomorrow. The sooner you let this sink in, the better you will get at understanding yourself.