Amazon is introducing a new streaming option to its Luna cloud gaming site, capping resolution at 720p to help players with slower internet connections stay stable.

Words: Amisha Shirgave

As of now, Luna could only stream at 1080p hoping 4k would come sometime in the near future. When using a service like Luna, however, even at 1080p, internet connections that struggle to keep up with the high bandwidth demands of cloud gaming can cause latency, lag, and audio issues for the player. The 720p streaming mode can now be toggled on in the settings panel for those using Luna in its early access beta — the app has yet to be released to the general public.

Amazon, in a media interaction said that the ability to play at lower resolutions to compensate for slow or weak internet link rates and bandwidth demands is one of Luna's most requested features. It is possible to reduce bandwidth and data consumption by enabling a new 720p alternative. It may also be useful for people who have data limits on their home internet. The lower-resolution environment for Luna, according to Amazon, would benefit those with home internet data limits, such as those that Comcast has announced it will begin enforcing on its customers in July.

Luna debuted in early access last fall, with a new channel model that combines cable and digital television concepts. Luna is free to use, but access to streamed games is limited to "channels" with individual monthly subscriptions, similar to Nvidia GeForce Now or Google Stadia. Amazon's Luna Plus ($5.99 a month) and a dedicated Ubisoft channel ($14.99) are currently the only two options.