A lot of celebs are switching from non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian diet, what’s the rationale?

Words by Chinmay Chaudhary

We can eat consciously or we can eat unconsciously, as humans we get to choose how we eat and what we eat. Food is the building material for our body, we must eat what is suitable for the body. The beauty of being humans is that we can do everything consciously. The moment any human does something consciously suddenly that human being looks very refined and wonderful as he learns to take responsive and controlled measures for his actions. The definition of appropriate food is unfortunately all messed up right now. We must surely experiment with food, not just with the taste but also with the results we get when we eat it. When you eat certain food today, and your body feels agile and active after eating it that means it’s good food, your body likes it. When you eat something and you feel dull, that means your body does not like it.

Consumption of a proper balanced vegetarian diet with half of it being live food, in uncooked condition, will lead you to a much brighter, livelier lifestyle and a lot of your diseases naturally go away. There are so many people going to naturopathy clinics to get rid of diseases. How you eat and what you eat is extremely important along with the physical exercises that you do. I am not saying that some foods should not be consumed and some should be, what I mean to say is that when we eat consciously we clearly know what is most suitable for our system and that is exactly what we should eat.

If you intend to keep your body agile for a long time, you supposedly should be consuming veg food because the flexibility of the muscles is lost when you consume a lot of non-vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food is majorly consumed because it is extremely rich in protein. Vegetarian foods if eaten raw or not cooked much are also proven to be sufficient for how much our body needs. When you cook it, then the food, at times becomes inadequate. On the contrary, non-vegetarian foods are so protein-rich that overconsumption of protein causes cancer and this might be the primary reason for western countries having far more cancer cases than us.

In Indian culture, it has been believed, that, ‘the way our food is, so will our mind be and the way our water is so will our language be.’ Food is not just nutrition to our body, food is vibrations, it is energy. We all know that every animal has feelings; we all know what happens in the slaughterhouse. If we think about what the animal goes through in the slaughterhouse, or watch YouTube videos, the obvious emotions that the animals possess is hatred, anger, resentment, fear, hurt, pain, helplessness. This is the emotion of the animal for days as it sees and hears other of its kind being slaughtered in front of it and then there is certain death of its own. Hence, after so much suffering the food comes on our plate and all we focus on is proteins and energy that we get from it; it simply does not balance the entire equation. Consuming such food naturally leads to the possession of similar emotions by the person who consumes it.

Once we are aware of the consequences of our actions, we ourselves will be enlightened by the food that we are consuming and the nature that it leads us to. As our Upanishad states, Aahara suddhau, sattva shuddhi - which means, The constitution of a person’s mind is determined by the kind of food he takes, and a person’s health corresponds to his mental constitution.