Frank Sinatra might’ve lived by this during his time, but there’s no one better than Gianluca Vacchi to show you how it’s actually done.

Words: Yvonne Jacob | Photography: Dennison Bertram

Aren’t we all caught in an endless cycle of monotony? Every day has the same old routine; wake up, rush to work, come back and plonk yourself on the bed. The thing is, we’ve all gotten so used to our routines that a day without any work occupying our minds feels absurd. I come from a family that, like most Indian families, believes in working hard and saving up for a comfortable and lavish future. This theory makes me conclude the fact that we humans are a funny species; quite optimistic too! We can plan our lives after retirement right from our dream house to the thread count of our sheets but, err, what about now?

This monotony is something that our cover star Gianluca Vacchi steers clear of. Well, I can guarantee that things turned out pretty well for the 53-year-old Italian DJ, entrepreneur and social media giant. For him, the fun part of life didn’t hit a dead-end once he crossed his 40s. In fact, it was at the age of 46 that Gianluca decided to take a deep breath and jump headfirst to pursue his true passion. “I am still an entrepreneur because I still own my packaging machinery companies. From the age of 25 to 46, I was into financial and industrial businesses only. It was at the age of 46 when I realised that the curiosity towards this kind of a world was switching off by each passing day. I said to myself that if I wanted to have the chance to live a second life, then this was the moment to do that.”

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