Oct 17, 2019

Day 9: On the road in Canada

What is it about the joy of a road trip in Canada with a pair of true blue American SUVs? One of them the iconic Jeep Wrangler no less?

Words Aninda Sardar

Photography Roshni Manghani

I just realised. We’ve been on the roads of Canada ninth day in a row and I still haven’t told you guys anything about what’s so special about this road trip. To be honest, there isn’t any one thing that was special about this road trip. There were several. Now mind you, this isn’t my first international road trip. With a decade and a half behind me in automotive journalism, I’ve pretty much driven all over the world. But there’s something incredibly appealing about touring through a part of North America in all American SUVs. The fact that we would be driving around in a motor home, or RV (short for Recreational Vehicle) as they call them in these parts of the world, added a layer of novelty that I have never experienced before. These are experiences worth sharing, so here goes.

First up, the motor home or RV. Quite frankly I have never driven anything like this at all. Back home I’m sure they’d ask me for a commercial vehicle licence because the damn thing really is that big. And guess what? The RV we rented wasn’t even the largest of the lot. It was actually quite a modest thing with a few bunks inside and only the one double bed. The pantry was super compact and the drawing room was cosy too. There was however a telly for everyone!

After a detailed briefing by the super helpful and very sweet lady named Ceejay at the RV rental on Highway 50 in Bolton, just outside Toronto, I took the wheel of the RV. Under normal circumstances it takes me no more than a couple of kilometres to get used to a completely new car. But the RV? Even after an hour of driving the thing when we pulled up at a petrol station…oops! gas station…I was still struggling to judge the tail end of the damn thing as I reversed into a bus parking slot. That’s something you’ll have to remember by the way. RVs can’t be parked at normal car parks. You need a bus parking lot. Thankfully, in Canada every petrol station has a bus parking lot too. Once you get used to it however, it’s a good deal of fun. The steering is a little vague and the brakes aren’t the sharpest and going up a slope can be excruciatingly slow. Not to mention the aerodynamics of a brick means we ended up filling 160 effing litres of petrol at one point! But hey, this thing never pretended to be a sportscar and even though you pretty much get overtaken by every damn thing on the highway, it’s still a hoot to drive.

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