Oct 12, 2019

Day 6: Fishing in Scarborough to fooling around in Kingston in Canada

Ever thought of fishing on Lake Ontario? Or a trip to Kinsgton?

Words Aninda Sardar

Photography Roshni Manghani

Scarborough isn’t too far away from Kingston but for us it meant a detour since we wanted to drop the motor home back to the lovely lady Ceejay in Bolton whose rental motor home had been our ride and home for the last few days. Bolton being this close to Toronto meant a quick stop at the Chelsea Hotel, which is Canada’s largest with nearly 1,600 rooms on offer. And then it was time for us to kick off the next leg of our all Canadian road trip in two cars that were absolutely meant for that job alone – a fantastic Jeep Wrangler Sahara in pop green that Jeep India had been kind enough to loan us and a grand looking Dodge Durango that we had rented on the side..

The drive from Toronto to Scarborough was peaceful as we steered our way on to the Autoway (that’s what the Canadians call their highways) that eventually led us to a place called Bluffer’s Park. It’s quite a short ride actually and you are pretty much on the outskirts of Toronto. The park itself is on the shores of the massive Lake Ontario and that’s where we rendezvoused with Captain Mike whose boat we had chartered. Now, if you wish to fish in Canada (or even hunt) you need to get a day long fishing licence at the very least, which is something that Captain Mike and his crew can help you with or the good folks at Destination Canada will help you out with. Of course, us being the fishing experts that we were we returned to the shores of the lake a couple of hours later with…ummm…nothing. But the boat ride on the choppy waters with the skyline of Toronto – the New York of Canada – silhouetted against the dusk skies was quite something. Definitely recommended.

Fishing done, or not, we headed off to sleepy Kingston some distance away. With the leisurely motor home gone and replaced by the Wrangler and the Durango, the pace picked up and we made it to Kingston in quick time. But even so, it was dark. So we parked at the hotel and plonked off for the night. The next morning we took a quick tour of old Kingston. It’s a lovely town with a quaint charm but what really got my attention was the little shelter by the Murney Tower on the shores of the massive lake. Super peaceful. Not that that stopped us from fooling around a bit.

Next stop? Rockport and its Thousand Islands and then on to Quebec City.

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