Oct 11, 2019

Day 5: Camping in Canada

If you’re a bunch of men folk heading to Canada for a lovely road trip, just ditch the idea of staying at a hotel for a few days. Rent a motor home instead

Words Aninda Sardar

Photography Roshni Manghani

We’ve seen them in movies, we’ve seen them when we’ve travelled overseas. But never have I ever actually stayed in a motor home. So when we planned this whole trip, it was pretty clear between the four of us – Aniruddha, Mahatva, Abhishek and I, that we would be spending at least a couple of nights for an all Canadian camping experience.

The motor home we had rented had everything, beds and bunk beds for all of us, TVs for each one of us, a loo, a pantry and even a drawing room. Crockery, cutlery. You name it. All we needed to carry were our clothes. We drove into camp KOA, just outside of Niagara city, which is this giant park purpose built for campers. It has everything, propane refilling for your stove, electricity outlets so you don’t have to use up the motor home’s generator, a children’s park in case you’re a family man and even an indoor swimming pool! Some camp, I tell you.

We parked the huge motor home into slot number 63, which had already been pre-booked for us and then set about discussing and debating about where to head next, helped along by the silky smooth Canadian Club 1858 that we were pouring ourselves. At some point, Mahatva decided to rustle up some excellent meat and chicken, putting the pantry to full use and being the fab cook that he is, all of it was finished by the time we wrapped up the evening, having poured over the Canadian map and decided to head to Kingston and then Scarborough where we had been reliably informed that there was good fishing to be had on Lake Ontario itself.

So, until then.

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