Oct 10, 2019

Day 3: Working up an appetite in Canada

A walk to the Journey Behind the Falls sees us get hungry. Thankfully the Table Rock House restaurant doesn’t just have a view, it has excellent food too

Words Aninda Sardar

Photography Roshni Manghani

I want that house! It’s absolutely gorgeous from the outside. Perched on the cliff overlooking the magnificent Niagara tumbling down, and it’s a beautiful house too. Old world, quaint and thoroughly charming. Table Rock House restaurant at the Niagara is an eatery with a view. But before we get there we have to take the funicular up the slope, walk through the parking lot that offers some fab views of the Niagara city skyline, including the Sheraton that I currently feel has the best view in the world (although I’m just as sure that this road trip is going to change that opinion).

After being drenched in the spray that feels more like rain when you’re just 80 feet away from all that water tumbling down the 168 feet and then hitting the bottom another 168 feet below you, the walk in the bright Canadian sunshine feels nice. The air is crisp and the discomfort of the wet clothes is quickly forgotten as they dry off on your body. The walk meanwhile warms you up a bit, which is nice too.

The Journey Behind the Falls is pretty unique because you essentially go down to the level of the tunnels that the Canadians had dug over a century ago and then walk out to a platform that is right next to the falls and then a couple of cataracts that will let you peep from right behind that mass of water. And you get a new poncho for your selfies, this time yellow.

Having seen all of that, and walked that much, Joanna our lovely guide and friend takes us to the restaurant itself. You can, of course, choose to sit by the window and look out but obviously those seats were all taken by the large bunch of Korean tourists who had beaten us to it. Nonetheless, you can pretty much sit anywhere and enjoy a view. Our waitress, the very pretty and forever smiling Lauren, ran us through the menu and between us friends we ordered a mix of things. Soup to start with, mains and a dessert. The soup was hot and after having become damp at the Journey Behind the Falls again, felt like heaven in a bowl. The food that came up was just as nice, irrespective of whether it was meat on your plate or fresh cod or pasta or chicken. But it was really the dessert that was to die for. Excellent carrot cake with a layer of cream cheese on top accompanied by strawberries soaked in maple syrup.

And now, I’m hungry again!

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