Oct 07, 2019

Day 1: Canada Calling!

After weeks of planning, we are off to Canada to celebrate the idea of friendship with a road trip packed with adventures

Words Aninda Sardar

Photography Roshini Manghani

Should we head to Toronto and explore the fabulous city? Or should we head to Montreal and catch the vibe there? But then again a whole bunch of people are suggesting Vancouver…it’s a tough call really. Planning a trip to Canada isn’t easy because there’s just so much to choose from. It’s huge and the variety on offer is absolutely mind boggling. Eventually, after weeks of debate and discussion, which are polite words for arguing, Aniruddha, my friend and former colleague from evo India, Mahatva, a pilot with Spice Jet and a friend, and I decided that the best way to explore Canada would be by road. And to add spice to the whole mix we agreed that we wanted to explore the less known parts of Canada, specifically the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Our first port of call had to be Toronto because no one agreed to parachute us into the heart of virgin Canadian territory, so we found ourselves on a packed Lufthansa flight slicing through the air towards Munich, which was where Mahatva, who stays in Gurgaon, would join Aniruddha and me. We met, and bonded like guys do. Over large mugs of beer to help us through the five and a half hour layover before we boarded Air Canada 847 to Toronto.

Eight hours later, we emerged into bright sunshine and crisp weather and headed straight off to pick up what would be our mode of transport-cum-accommodation for the next couple of nights. Not getting the drift, are you? Well, we kind of took a call that we didn’t want to do the usual stuff so instead of getting into a cab and heading for a hotel, which would be pretty usual, we chose to rent a recreational vehicle or RV instead. Essentially, a motor home that had bunk beds, a sofa, pantry, fridge, toilet, shower…well, everything. Basically a home on wheels. The fact that none of the three of us had ever driven something like this before only helped that sense of adventure we had been looking for.

Looks like the next few days are going to be unforgettable.

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