Style & Grooming

  • A cocoon of smoothness

    That’s what silk clothes do to you, wrap you in a cocoon of smoothness that’s nearly impossible to replicate with any other fabric

  • Havana Nights

    As the temperature shoots up, we take a look at the islands to getsome fashion inspo to combat the heat in the Cuban way
  • Think you know your hats?

    Except in the world of high fashion, the hat is no longer in fashion. Yet, such is its significance that there’s no better acknowledgement of success than taking your hat off to someone
  • Basics of beard grooming

    So, beards were in. At least till the before the lockdown. Now though, unkempt hedges are a bit of a problem, aren’t they? Here are a few things that you can do to keep that man hair stylish
  • Badass!

    The leather jacket isn’t just one of the world’s most stylish articles of clothing. It is also an attitude
  • Hello Mr. Bling

    Making a fashion statement is not just about wearing what's trending on the ramps. Sometimes you need to flaunt your ice-studded rolex so people know you're a man of taste, even if subtlety may not be your thing
  • The name’s Bond…

    There’s no doubt that 007 has been a style icon through the ages. So what is it about him that makes him so desirable?
  • Bespoke Workwear

    Custom-made clothing had been on the decline until last year, after which we saw a huge shift from off-the-rack clothing towards Bespoke tailoring.