June 28, 2018


As told to Ankita Bawiskar


1. Give us a brief insight on your journey together into fashion.

The journey started as a small hobby from a small room with a single masterji in 2007. Mangesh Mahadev started the label with the thought that there are many designers designing for women but hardly anyone for men. Mangesh has been into modeling since his college days, has been the Gladrags Manhunt Finalist and has been featured in many national advertisements. The journey of Shruti and Mangaaysh started after marriage.

2. Who is the Shruti and Mangaaysh clientele?

Shruti and Mangaaysh client list starts from the elites of Pune, from film fraternity to musicians, property developers, and renowned doctors of Pune.

3. Tell us about your experience as costume designers for a Hollywood movie.

We truly believe that the experience was destiny. Immediately after passing out as the ‘Designer of the Year’ from INIFD, this was our first assignment. To have worked as the only Indian Costume designer for the Angelina Jolie starrer required a mighty heart. We learned how costumes play a big role in developing a character in a film, and we implement that learning experience even today for our clients.

4. How was your work received internationally?

Our work was definitely appreciated. We believe that Hollywood movies work a lot on details of every aspect. We implemented this in costumes as well. Our interest in minute details of the costumes was also appreciated.

5. Name one Hollywood celebrity you’d like to see in your label.

In menswear, it would be Leonardo DiCaprio. His style will definitely add a lot to our outfit. In womenswear, it would be Julia Roberts.

6. Will you be displaying a new collection internationally in the new season?

We would love to display a new collection internationally. A few things are already in the pipeline for USA and Australia.

The Summer 2018 collection of the print campaign, “Summer Rules”

7. Which is your favorite piece from your latest collection?

Our entire latest collection that was displayed in Pune Times Fashion Week called Ram Navmi, is our favorite. It is difficult to choose one piece out of it. Lots of hard work has gone behind the collection and it is not as traditional as it sounds. The elements of the Ramayana era have been brilliantly incorporated in the western cuts of the collections.

Amruta Khanvilkar and Vaibhav Tatwawadi walk the ramp with Shruti Mangaaysh as their show-stoppers for Pune Times Fashion Week 2017

8. What are your comments on Indian and international fashion?

There is a huge difference in Indian and international fashion. We believe that our culture also has a lot to do with this. Our ancestors looked stylish when they wore a suit or a kurta and dhoti, although that was allowed only for the upper class during that time. Our weather allows us to wear cotton, but unfortunately, cotton is looked at as a cheap fabric. Today, India is changing and education is changing the thought process. People have started accepting and feeling comfortable in the fashion that they would never have thought of. We as designers have to give that confidence to the clients, and at the same time, the clients need to open their minds and invest in dressing. Their wardrobe should be well planned. When this process is followed, we believe only then will our country be on the path of being fashionable.

The various collections focusing on prints and breathable fabrics
The Summer 2018 collection of the print campaign, “Summer Rules”

9. What’s the best part about being a designer duo?

The best part is that we both feel equally responsible for the label. Our team and our clients know that they can reach us and communicate. Initially, it was difficult to mix private and professional life, but we have learned how to do so over the years. So the duo profile will always help the Shruti and Mangaaysh label to go international and big.

10. What would you like to achieve by the end of this year?

We believe that our achievement is the process and we will follow what we have been following: being true to ourselves as designers and working for our designs, increasing our clients, staying motivated with their appreciation, and making our country proud.

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