July 04, 2019

Swatch Big Bold Bape: The World launched in India

When it comes to legendary streetwear brands, A BATHING APE®’s legend precedes it. Swatch is proud to announce a collaboration with BAPE® through the release of six limited watches where street culture meets innovative Swiss watchmaking!

Founded in 1993, A BATHING APE® - also known as BAPE® - is commonly credited as one of the first-ever true streetwear brands and a pioneering label in street culture. Swatch and BAPE® show their love for a globalized world with the launch of six new limited-edition watches dedicated to their favorite (mega)-cities and the globe. Bern, London, New York City, Paris, Tokyo and the entire planet: here we come!

The newest SWATCH BIG BOLD product line, a statement piece boasting a striking Ø47mm watchcase, serves as a daring canvas for this limited-edition collection. All six models feature a newly designed signature BAPE® camo pattern as well as the Ape Head logo on the hour hand and the lower strap, while the enhanced Swatch logo is invocative of the watchmaker’s debut in the 1980s. The five city watches are numbered and limited to either 983 or 1993 pieces, paying tribute to each brand’s respective birth year. Together with the sixth model BIG BOLD BAPE The World, this limited-edition collection shouts out to big personalities, celebrating the world, diversity and time.

Out of the 6 watches in the collection, only BIG BOLD BAPE : THE WORLD is launched in India

Available: Only at Swatch Exclusive store in Palladium Mall, Mumbai
Price: INR 9250/-

For more information:

Sadiya Ilyas Khan, 9582550523, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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