July 11, 2019


Affordable sports shoes
Raging urge for style

Today’s fast paced lives have led to comfort wear category being the most sought after. Trendy sports shoes are the ‘Talk of the town’ and is a must have in every closet and with this launch Numero Uno walks the talk, in its ingenious style.

Presenting ‘FIRE’ by Numero Uno, an affordable range of stylized sports shoes and trainers for all fashion enthusiasts. Extending utmost comfort the collection truly imbibes fashion for all. Expanding its footwear range with this launch, Numero Uno, India’s first indigenously manufactured denim label, continues to skillfully amalgamate style with comfort.

Weaved in breathable mesh that controls odor, this collection also keeps the freshness intact all day long. Provided with Light Eva sole that balances weight, these are super light and help easier movement. Be it running or everyday struggle with work, or when sweating in the gym, ‘Fire’ by Numero Uno is an ideal companion for travel freaks, or anyone who loves being outdoors.

Available in variety of colours, patterns and options the assortment is bound to complement any look and personal choice at an unbelievably rejoiced price point.

Price- INR 999 ONLY

Available at:

About Numero Uno:

Numero Uno, one of India’s first indigenously manufactured denim labels, was incorporated in 1987 by Hi Fashion Clothing Co., the Flagship brand of Numero Uno Clothing Ltd.

Over the years, Numero Uno Jeanswear has transformed into a dynamic and perceptive label for the youth. Today, it has the privilege of being one of the few power brands that fuses international trends, innovative fabrics, washes, treatments and accessible pricing.

Recognized as a fashionable wardrobe brand, Numero Uno Jeanswear has been coveted many awards. Apart from its existing domestic operations, the brand is seriously looking at licensing arrangements in international markets. Today Numero Uno Jeanswear has leaped ahead and over a short period of time has matured to rub shoulders with International brands.

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