Oct 5, 2019

Double Trouble

Twin songstresses Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar talk to us about the bond that brings them together and the things that make them individuals

Words: Yvonne Jacob

Photography Devang Patel

cocept roshni manghani

HAIR & MAKEUP FSK Salon & academy

Stylist Ritika Gupta

Where did the journey begin for you two?

Prakriti Kakar: I think the journey pretty much began for us when we were in school and college because music was always the most important part of our lives. But we weren’t sure if we wanted it to be our lives! Slowly we were being called to sing for ads and brands and started performing live. It was only when we were in junior college that it started to feel like a full-time job and that’s when we realised that this might be what we end up doing because music gave us the most amount of happiness. Sukriti Kakar: At home, with our family. Mom was a music teacher and our elder sister wanted to be a playback singer all her life. We moved to Mumbai when Prakriti and I were nine years old and from a hobby, it slowly became our profession, one day at a time.

When did you two realise you both have the same interests?

PK: Pretty much since always! We’ve probably been the ‘twinniest’ twins I know of. We always had the same set of friends, chilling together, having similar hobbies, choosing the same subject, going for the same tuition, sharing the same passion and fondness for music. I think we’ve always made this way of life, but it’s also a lot of fun having your best friend beside you on stage and off it!

SK: We must be about 8-9 years of age. We started singing along to songs being sung or played at home. We listened to a lot of English music and found our interest there first. Slowly we started taking part in a lot of school and college competitions and started our formal training and there was no looking back. We even used to train together so it’s always been a passion that we've followed together!

What was your breakthrough track?

PK: It was my debut song alongside Ankit Tiwari called Katra Katra from the film Alone featuring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. It was my breakthrough since nobody had ever heard me sing in that genre before.

SK: In 2015, I sang for Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do starring Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh. That for me was my breakthrough track!

Do you face a lot of competition? Do people put you against each other?

PK: Sometimes. Not intentionally but our profession puts us against each other as we end up auditioning against each other for certain songs because there’s place for just one voice, not two. But over the years, we take this in our stride and consider our last songs as our real competition.

SK: I think there’s a lot of cut-throat competition in every field but especially a lot in the music industry. Yes, Prakriti and I have been pitted against each other so many times. It was difficult in the beginning to understand what’s going on, but I think we’re very used to it now and find it very reasonable.

What do you think is that one characteristic that differentiates you two?

PK: If I had to point out one characteristic in Sukriti, it would be always planning ahead, being alarmed at all times and always being cautious and responsible for her actions. As for me, I live in the moment and I am super impulsive about most of the things.

SK: Our personalities are like black and white. We’re very different. Personality-wise, I was a little more outgoing and she is a little more reserved and takes her time to mix in.

What about the other makes you feel stronger?

PK: I think security is what makes me feel stronger. Nobody knows what it’s like to have a twin till you do. We aren’t just sisters. There’s something intimate about having a twin and having her have your back on all your good and bad days.

SK: Her carefree attitude! She lives in the moment while I bother about what’s next. It also helps us balance together. She’s very confident and I’m the nervous one. Sometimes when I’m in a spot, I try thinking what Prakriti would do!

Have there been incidents where you have tried to pass as the other to save your twin?

PK: Yeah! I think maybe once in school when we were too little, we wore each other’s ID cards early in the morning in a hurry and I had to conduct an assembly being Sukriti as she wasn’t present for it.

SK:Yes, quite a few growing up! I think we both have taken fair turns on this one. Since childhood we both have had each other’s backs. Once she got caught in her exam and I took the blame.

What song do you have on loop? PK: Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello! SK: Bekhayali from Kabir Singh.

Any artists you would love to collaborate with in the future?

PK: Atif Aslam, Rochak Kohli and Pritam Da.

SK: Yes! Speaking about the West, I’m a big J Balvin fan right now and I’d love to collaborate with him. Closer to home, Amit Trivedi and Vishal & Shekhar are my favourites.

What interesting projects are you working on?

PK: There are a bunch of our songs that we plan to release this year. Independent music has been on our mind lately and that’s what we are doing. But apart from that, there are some interesting playback songs in the pipeline too.

SK: 2019 is all about releasing singles for us one after the other. We can’t wait to share what’s next!

Lastly, how was your experience shooting with Just Urbane?

PK: It was great! Loved the Double Trouble theme as well! Contrary to popular belief, we hadn’t done this level of twinning on a shoot before. Our clothes, accessories, shoes, styles and colours were so coordinated that everybody was having a hard time pointing out who’s who and we loved it!

SK:The experience was fantastic! I think it’s always a treat to work with likeminded people and also a great team. I loved the idea and the concept chosen for us to shoot. I am really grateful to you all for the love and support and we can’t wait to shoot something again with you guys!

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