Oct 9, 2019

Colourful Comeback

It’s time to give your wardrobe a makeover and get rid of all those plain ole' blacks for good

Words: Yvonne Jacob

Monotonous. That’s how it gets when you show up for your meetings in those same shades of black. It’s summer and all those friends who are away on trips are dressed in their best vacation clothes, even the ones who aren’t on a vacation but would love to be on one, them too! Since we’ve already given you a few reasons why you need to start wearing colourful socks, let’s get to why you must invest in colourful suiting, stat! Everyone needs some colour in their life. It’s a basic necessity for your wardrobe to balance out all the blacks and greys you’ve hoarded.

Take it easy

For all the times you have to go for an outing but also make a dapper appearance.

It's all casual

Blazer: Choose a light blazer that won’t leave you all weighed down.T-shirt: Pair your colourful blazer with a contrasting block colour.

Shorts: Go for classic cream bermuda shorts if you aren’t sure about what colour to pick.

Shades: Trendy round-frame sunglasses are great for a casual look.

Shoes: Finish it off with sporty leather kicks in funky shades.

You better check yourself

For the one who is all about checks but likes to keep it formal,let’s take it up a notch, shall we?

Formal, check!

Blazer: Now you can keep it simple and choose a blazer with single colour checks or go all out and pick a multi-coloured one.

Trousers: Straight-fit chinos work brilliantly with any formal shirt.

Shoes: Leather derby shoes pair well.

Pocket square: Add a silk pocket square to complete your look. You know how to style it.

Day-dreaming 'bout beaches

Can’t wait to hit the beach after? Let’s make sure you ace it.

Tropical fever

T-shirt: Throw on a plain white T-shirt, round neck though.

Blazer: Go for a soft colour blazer.

Shorts: Pick whichever print thrills you, be it palm trees or broccoli!

Frames: Clear-glass aviators is a safe bet and looks real good too.

Bag: A leather bag or a puffer backpack.

always on the go

Work takes you all-over the world and you like doing that in style? We help you travel in style.

The tourist

Blazer: Go for a soft colour blazer.

Blazer: A single-breasted linen blazer gives you the comfort you need.

Shirt: A denim jacket with rolled up sleeves. Also works when you want to give the blazer a rest and just sport the shirt.

Bag: A messenger bag is perfect when you want to travel light on your work trips.

Patches: Show your travel-spirit by putting up patches of all the places you've been to on your bag. It also makes for a great add-on to your travel bag.

Sunglasses: Cat-eye sunglasses! Yes, you heard that right.

Hands up for your colours

Whether your go-to colour is blue or salmon pink, time to go all-out with it.

hooked on a feeling

Blazer: A single or double-brested blazer works absolutely fine as long as you keep it colourful.

Trousers: Slim-fit trousers of the same colour to match the blazer.

Shoes: Oxford leathers shoes go really well with clean, block colour suits.

Watch: If you're going for white shoes or brown, match your watch with it accordingly.

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