April 15, 2019


Words: Shourya Jain
Photography: Sachin Kawankar

Hair & Makeup: Komal Ghate
Outfits: ARMOUR bespoke
Model: Diego Gomes (TFM Models India)
Location Courtesy: Sachin Kawankar photography studio
Laptop Bag: Hidesign
Footwear: Balky shoes by Shyam Kale
Photography Assistant: Roshni Manghani

Custom-made clothing had been on the decline until last year, after which we saw a huge shift from off-the-rack clothing towards Bespoke tailoring.

We believe that there is a privilege in having your clothes custom made for you. A piece of clothing so uniquely designed to match each curve of your body feels like an ARMOUR. They say that wearing a suit should feel like a (warm) hug, well it sure does when you have your suits made from a bespoke brand. In an age of off-the-rack garments and fast fashion, bespoke clothing truly stands out. Impeccable cuts, sharp style lines, opulent fabrics and trims result in an outfit that altogether makes a statement. Here, ARMOUR’s Pranita, brings to you the latest styles of the major upcoming trends of the season.

Blue Lines

An English double breasted suit worn with a light pink shirt, styled with a sharp striped tie and a pocket square to match the colour scheme of the suit and glasses in grandpa frames. The trick is to retain the classic design aesthetic while keeping it contemporary and fresh. Club them with handmade shoes for a head to toe bespoke look.

Brown Fox

A solid brown suit with a crisp white shirt paired with a striped tie to add dimension to your outfit. Do add small but significant detailing to your suit. Every outfit should have a character of its own. Carry functional accessories such as a laptop bag which doubles up as a carry on to keep a book that gets you off your phone.

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