July 04, 2019


These limited edition products are perfect additions to your wardrobe. Grab them before they go out of stock

Words by Yvonne Jacob

We all want something that’s one-of-a-kind. You must own something, a watch or your favourite pair of shoes, that is special to you, but then you spot a sea of people wearing the same piece and it takes away from the “special” bit a little. Imagine showing up to your boss’s party and when you really want to make an impression that prick of a colleague is wearing the same shirt: Code Red! Luckily, we’ve got you covered so you can avoid such encounters. This list of 5 essential products has some of the coolest limited edition collectables that you need to own!

Fossil’s Limited Edition Hologram Watch

Fossil comes back with a re-release of one of its most loved timepieces. The watch was originally designed in the 90s, but it has now been revamped and modernised according to the likes of new and existing fans. As the name suggests, the watch has a holographic lens dial that displays two different images with the flip of your wrist. This watch is the perfect accessory that will make you stand out and also look extremely fashionable.

Price: Rs. 8,995

Nike’s Air Force 1 sneakers

In order to celebrate the second summer annual NY vs NY basketball tournament, Nike launched the Air Force 1 limited edition sneakers. With a white leather upper and black leather heel tab the orange peel outsole really pops out brilliantly, giving a contrasting look.

Price: Rs. 7,995

Ray Ban Scuderia Ferrari collection

The new shades from Ray Ban’s Scuderia Ferrari collection are built from PEEK material that brings together race-ready strength with slim, lightweight construction. Everything about these shades is worthy of the classy Ferrari shields that adorn its metal hinge and lens. The muted matte colourways pair well with eye-catching Polaroid and mirrored lens options.

Price: Rs. 10,590

Marks and Spencer’s Cotton Rich Hawaiian Palm Print Shirt

Why not shake things up a bit and wear a tropical print shirt instead of the usual black and white? The limited edition Hawaiian printed shirt by Marks and Spencer is a must-have for the time you want to go for a fun party. Also, floral never really goes out of style and a man wearing a shirt like this is a definite eye-catcher! About time you make this much-needed change for your wardrobe!

Price: Rs. 2,125

BVLGARI Man in Black Limited Edition Natural Spray - 100ml

Scent is one of the most important things when it comes to having something that is unique about you. The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself makes an impression but if you smell good, it’s a bonus! Grab this limited-edition Bvlgari perfume which packs the essence of the wild side of Africa and its nature. Its aquatic and emblematic freshness adds a fresh tone to the fragrance. So, what are you waiting for?

Price: Rs. 4,130

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