The perfect weekend getaway is when you slip into a silky robe, kick back on your chair and look at lavender fields while sipping a glass of wine

Words by Areli Paz Trejo

Mexican wine is no longer a fad, it is a lifestyle, and San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, offers a great option in central Mexico to seduce the senses. The tour is an experience that manages to excite you little by little until it makes it memorable. It's like putting a puzzle together, but with taste, smell, and texture. During these times, when we are facing one of the worst situations possible, simple things like breathing well feels like a privilege too. But imagine standing in an olive, lavender or grape field and filling your lungs with these lingering aromas while soaking in the gentle sunlight. These fragrances make up three wine complexes such as the Santísima Trinidad, San Lucas and San Francisco – the perfect option to escape as a couple, with friends or solo to enjoy a good glass of wine.

A small suitcase, comfortable shoes and a hat are all you need for your three and a half-hour long journey from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende where you can sleep among vines and sunrise with the soothing scent of lavender in the air. Italian Tuscany emerges between its wine, lavender and olive.

These vineyards are designed to give us adequate space for entertainment and relaxation. While in the long run, you can buy your own space and build a house as well. The project is also designed as a real estate property for those who love nature, enjoy wine and want the home of their dreams. Every year the owners receive wine, olive oil and lavender transformed into creams, soaps and essences. The plan is that the three productions take care of each other, thus avoiding pests that destroy the vines. Lavender protects the olive tree, the olive tree protects the wine, and the wine survives healthy, strong and capable of giving better flavour in each bottle.

I love the places that manage to blend in with the environment, and Viñedo San Lucas and Viñedo San Francisco give you just that. Its rooms are large, comfortable and smell of lavender too! Their soft, silky beds wrap you in comfort like the warmest hug. You also get your share of privacy and distance; something we all need in these times, the opportunity to be away from others is valued. You can slip into your soft robe and head to your terrace to enjoy the scenic sunrise and sunset amidst pure tranquillity with a good glass of white wine, of course. I bet you would want to stay on the terrace for hours while overlooking the lush green fields and listening to the sound of birds, the gentle breeze whooshing around and spaces that run water. You can also sit back and stretch your legs while sitting on comfortable armchairs while enjoying the flavours of cheeses, soft meat that cuts like butter, chocolate and strawberry dessert.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, not only offers you history, it gives you the excitement of discovering new emotions for your senses

If you’re travelling alone, you will have the time to go for bike tours, walk among the wines and meet people in a place planned for good conversation. You will have the time to read, write, listen to your music and get a much-needed breather from your regular life and routine. If you plan to go as a couple, the tour is a great escape for the weekend or to enjoy a long and pleasant stay. A trip with friends will allow you to participate in creative wine tastings and gastronomic experiences. The latter is something I prefer personally because of those long and fun conversations that we have on the table while sipping good wine.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, not only offers you history, it gives you the excitement of discovering new emotions for your senses. You will be amazed by the old churches, cobbled streets, flower crowns, art, architecture and a vineyard that will be a memorable tour. When you’re here, don’t forget to tip and thank each of the members of the great family representing Viñedo San Lucas and Viñedo San Francisco. Why? Because, in the end, luxury is enjoying the bond and warmth of finding and being part of a new family that works hard to make each moment memorable for you. If you cross the ocean, this experience will give you a great opportunity to taste much of what Mexico is: passion, colour and emotion.