The leading retro bike manufacturer has come up with a one-stop solution for its enthusiasts

Words by Chinmay Chaudhary

When you buy a Royal Enfield, you buy a community than a standalone motorcycle. No doubt you get favored and admired from literally everyone around you for owning one, but more than that what you own when you own an Enfield is an experience that probably no other contemporary motorcycle at its price point will continue to give you, decade after decade. Ever since I have known Royal Enfield, I have always been fascinated by the community, a community that goes up in the Himalayas, across the Rann, in the seven sister states, and also down south, literally every nook and corner of the country. At times, even across the neighboring countries.

Recently the bike maker has come up with a mobile application for its aficionados. Users can book a new motorcycle through the app and can also select the store where it has to be delivered. Royal Enfield has also integrated a payment gateway in the app itself for a complete digitized booking experience. Existing customers can select and register for Royal Enfield rides and events organized by Royal Enfield through the app. Not just that, the app will let you create your own ride events and allow other riders to join your ride. The app also enables riders to save the ride route and share it with friends.

Customers can book their regular servicing schedule with authorized serviced centers as per their convenient time slots along with having an option of stating what exact issue is with the motorcycle by marking it in the app. Do It Yourself (DIY) videos help riders to fix minor issues all by themselves to reduce the hassle of getting the motorcycle all the way to the service center. Royal Enfield has also added the Make It Yourself (MIY) configuration feature in the application which helps to download, explore, and enhance the customers to choose from a plethora of features to personalize their motorcycle. The app guides the customers to choose from tank colors to type of handlebars, seats, exhausts, mirrors, panniers, guards, and much more.

If you are an existing Royal Enfield customer or aspire to be, do have a look at this handy phone application that will ease your ownership experience along with allowing configuring your own rides.