A car you would love to make an appearance in, a car that delivers noble driving fun

Words Abhishek Kulkarni
Photography Sachin Kawankar

What do you say about a car that possesses an insane amount of character, balanced with super stylish design elements? Staggering! Striking! Phenomenal! The new Range Rover Evoque is one such product that is very stylish and an extremely modish car to look at from any angle. Step inside and the design is revolutionary there too. Land Rover has done a lot of changes to the facelift which actually makes the car more appealing as compared to the older generation. The older generation car, according to me, came across as a car for the fairer sex, but now, with the updated design, I feel that it has grown to be the car that everyone would love to drive and own.

"Land Rover has done a phenomenal job when it comes to engine performance and refinement"

The new Evoque, with all the design elements, crease lines and curves actually makes the car look a little more bulky than what it was. A lot of people get confused between the new Evoque, with the Velar because of the overall design, which includes door handles, clean sweeping lines and interiors. I think it is much more refined and you get a feeling of driving a real, proper right size SUV that you would actually want to be seen in. It drives really well; handling is phenomenal and imbibes tones of confidence over any geometry of road you take it to.

I did a couple of trips to Mumbai from Pune and back and the car feels stable on the expressway. The power and grip is exceptional and you feel confident while overtaking and also on the ghat sections. I also got myself chauffeured and being an average height individual, 5’7 to be precise, there is more than enough room at the back seat to be comfortable for hours over long distance journeys. I have come across a lot of SUVs of this size which are not as comfortable as the Evoque, and you do feel that you’ve got space to move around while inside the car. Gauging by the external dimensions one might feel that the car will be a tight squeeze, but once inside, the Evoque surely surprises on this front.

The Evoque has a decent amount of boot space. It’s a proper entry level SUV that I feel is targeted towards someone who wants to have their first SUV in to the luxury segment. The car gets various driving modes like rain, snow, sand, etc. to drive over the respective terrains, with each mode suited best for the purpose it is engineered for. Land Rover has done a phenomenal job when it comes to engine performance and refinement. The car drives remarkably well putting all the engineering down to the wheels in the normal mode as well.

Evoque is an extremely capable soft roader. We did take it to uneven surfaces making it crawl over some heaps of soil just to get an idea of how the car behaves and it held like an ant – steady and maintaining its rhythm while moving ahead quickly. Anything that you want to climb and crawl over, it does it with utmost ease with all the modes in place. Given an option to buy a SUV in the Rs 50-60 lakh budget, I would personally love to own the Evoque over anything else in its segment.

All said, to use the Evoque on a daily basis with the chauffeur for my daily meetings or long distance drives, I would probably not buy the car. I am very much used to the space and size offered by my personal Toyota Innova, not that I am comparing both the cars, but to put that in a perspective, Evoque surely misses out on the space. What I mean to say, is that it is not a chauffeur-driven car, it’s a more of a car you should drive on your own to make the best out of your investment. I personally like to be driven around during work time, but, apart from that if I have to take my fiancé out on quick drives, I think Evoque is the one I would definitely want to opt for.

"Anything that you want to climb and crawl over in the Evoque, it does it with utmost ease with all the modes in place"