What is the purpose of meditation and how does it work for us? 

Words by Chinmay Chaudhary

We all want to be happy! Period. When we are happy, we all are wonderful human beings. We all strive to be happy, we work hard to be happy, we struggle to be happy, we run behind moments to be happy, we try to find happiness in whatever we do in life but always keep running to be happy. We have put constraints in our mind that whatever we do should make us happy, but it doesn’t work that way. Happiness is a state of mind and this state of mind of ours can only be happy once we are at peace inside, absorbing everything that we see and feel around being one with the nature. Celebrating what is present is happiness.

Thinking of it, how does happiness relate to meditation? Happiness begins where suffering ends, and meditation is a way to end suffering by detaching our mind from the physical existence of our temporal body. Once the fear of suffering is taken away, only then we can keep our instincts of self-preservation down. Until we keep the fear of self-preservation down, we won’t be able to become one with nature and realize the minuscule existence of us; we will always be trapped as an individual.

Meditation gives us the space between us and our bodies, between us and our minds. Whatever suffering we human beings know has either entered through the body or mind. When we cut this suffering, we are at peace. Meditation can be done in various forms. I don’t want to go into the details of how to meditate; there is already a ton of content available out there on the net for the same. The point I am trying to make here is the magic you experience when you meditate regularly.

Meditation gets us to ecstasy where we are one with nature, and when I say we are one with nature, it means we are timeless, we are still, and we are at peace. Meditation helps in reducing our stress and anxiety. Stress has anchored in our life like it is extremely necessary for us to have it to things in time and efficiently and for us to get rid of it, meditation is the only way. Reduced stress also helps in increasing productivity and boosting focus enhancing the productivity of our mind.

Meditation helps us to improve our emotional intelligence and changes our brain to practice gratitude. Gratitude for everything that we have around us will only make us be at peace inside and help us make the most of what we have. Meditation is a way of life. If we look at the benefits that meditation brings in our lives, it is all the more relevant and needed today. In ancient times meditation was used for enlightenment, in today’s world, I would say meditation is a way to get rid of misery, to overcome problems. It is a way to improve one’s abilities. Today, we have lot of stress and tension because of our lifestyle, and hence the need for meditation is even more profound. If there is nothing to do, one will not find the need to meditate so much.

The busier we get, the less time we get for ourselves, the more amount of work that we have in our lives, the more ambitions we have, we need to meditate even more. Meditation not only relieves us from stress and strain, but it also enhances our abilities to face challenges. It brings better health to us, it is food for the soul which energizes our mind, and it is a lifeline for the body. It keeps the body in shape, helps the nervous system; it helps mental alertness, improves perception, and helps us to express ourselves properly. It also enhances our relationship with the people around us. In general, it helps in creating a violence-free society, disease-free body, confusion-free mind, inhibition free intellect, trauma-free memory, and sorrow free soul. Let’s close our eyes and experience the world full of tranquility and quietness through meditation.