Love Hard Movie Review

This Valentine’s, Love Hard

February is for love and I’m sure a good Christmas movie is all we wish to have on our list. Well, Love Hard is your perfect rom-com of the season.

Words Amisha Shirgave    

Who doesn’t want to get all cozy in their blankets, pour some wine and, grab some popcorn for a romantic movie? Starring Nina Dobrev, who is widely famous for her multiple roles in the popular series The Vampire Diaries, Love Hard is a movie about a middle-aged writer who publishes articles about her failed blind dates, being catfished via dating apps and, the audience actually loves them. Well, she doesn’t just fire the gun in the air but actually goes on these dates and ends up getting disappointed every freaking time. Phew! I mean I can relate, sis! She finds her happily-ever-after post some rib-tickling and emotional drama. Let’s dig in!

Natalie Bauer (Nina) is a writer living in L.A. As mentioned earlier, she writes about her troublesome love life and some of her failed dates. While in search of her second half, Natalie is dejected and tired of men. It’s like she has lost all hope in finding the love of her life. Meanwhile, her best friend suggests changing the settings of the app to find men living far from L.A. Smart, I’d say! Natalie didn’t seem interested in it at first as she saw this change as another way of being catfished. Well, that changes after she comes across the profile of this handsome man named Josh (Jimmy O. Yang), an Asian-American who has mastered three languages, enjoys being outside, and lives 3000 miles away. They have a similar aesthetic. Soon after they start connecting, Natalie is left with butterflies in her stomach. They even fell asleep together…. virtually. 

With such a connection with a guy after ages, Natalie is convinced that Josh might be the one. During one of their conversations, Josh mentions how he wished Natalie was with him to spend Christmas. Just like every other desperate girl would do, Natalie decides to fly 3000 miles and surprises Josh for Christmas. Honestly, that was a dumb move. But Natalie did it anyway. She is left with shock, anger, and frustration when she realises that she has been CATFISHED! Again! Josh is an introverted man who lives in his parents' basements and enjoys candle-making. Josh admits that he had been utilising Tag's (Darren Barnet) photos on his dating profile. She lashes out of Josh’s house and goes to the nearest bar wondering how she is going to write another piece on being catfished. At the bar, she comes across the real Josh and is relieved to know that the guy she flew so far for actually exists. Natalie decides to stay and plot with Josh. They come to an agreement: Josh will help Natalie get with Tag if Natalie pretends to be Josh's girlfriend till Christmas as his family seemed very happy to meet her. 

Josh feels like he has always been side-tracked by his family due to his brother’s achievements. He’s ‘the man of the house and Josh is just an average guy. He feels like he has been disappointing his family and they don’t have any hope from him. This is why he offered Natalie the deal of being his girlfriend till Christmas. The movie does serve us a happy conclusion after an awkward toast at an engagement party, an entirely normal take of Baby It's Cold Outside, and stealing all the newspapers in town. Natalie comes clean with the plot at the engagement party which disappoints Tag. Josh’s family feels bad too. She apologises to Tag for trying to impress him by pretending to be someone she is not. Now here, Tag is the one who gets catfished. Poor Tag! 

She begins writing about the experience which is when she realises that the ‘perfect guy’ she’s been looking for was with her all along. She realises that it’s Josh who she truly loves and that she should give it chance. And, it’s a happy ending. This rom-com gives out a message that one should never judge a person based upon their looks and also try seeing what’s beneath. This is not a new concept but the portrayal of it through a good storyline is what makes Love Hard a good one-time watch. Natalie’s decision to go out of her comfort zone and fly so far to meet someone she’s been talking to over calls for a few weeks seemed stupid. So now you at least you know what not to do. The movie highlights one thing for sure and that is the current age of online dating. Everyone wants to show their best self and be liked for someone who they are not and that doesn’t end well. This is something you readers must have heard a million times but I think you deserve someone who loves you for being you! There are genuine people out there too who appreciate you being raw, upfront, and non-pretentious. Hope you enjoy the movie!