Levi’s aims to spread optimism and hope in the new normal through this partnership

Words: Amisha Shirgave


What’s fancier than being able to carry the print of an inspiring quote on your Tee? Well, Levi’s has brought to you its new capsule collection to support artists in these times of uncertainties and spread positivity around. “It will all be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end”- Artist Mark Blamire. This is just one of the many quotes on the Levi’s® t-shirts & sweatshirts in the new capsule collection created in partnership with Amplifier which is a non-profit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times. 

This capsule collection brings into light some of the best artworks by young artists who use their craft to express their zeal for life. Over the years, Levi’s® has worked with and promoted many budding and talented artists and the brand continues to do so through this collection. In these very stressful times, the brand is trying to hold on to good cheer and enthusiasm through this collection that spreads hope among the consumers. Both Levi’s® & Amplifier have an artistic connection and a cultural inclination, which makes this association special and relevant.

The t-shirts and sweatshirts feature well defined messages and artwork that beautifully relate to our current global situation i.e. the pandemic. They are bold, impactful, eye-catching, and drive home the message of safety and togetherness, all at the same time. This collection, with its distinctive artistic messaging, gives fans that little reassurance in the morning or make a statement on video calls with their friends and family. Some have the line “One Big Earth – One Big Mind” written on them, aiming to show that despite the social distance, we are not alone, and we can build a network of well-being and solidarity. Others have “Satark Nari” or “Cautious Woman” – who does namaste, wears a mask and follows social distancing – printed on them, and there are also some which ask you to “Always Hope”, and have an optimistic state of mind so that we can appreciate our relationships with each other and with the planet.

Every tag has the original artwork as well as the artists name to give them the credit for their unique piece of work. All of these artworks have been submitted to Amplifier and have been licensed by Levi’s®. Shruti Sinha, Maíra Martines Da Costa, Dennis Vernooij, Mark Blamire, and Chris Maze are some of the artists who have worked on the collection. This capsule collection is definitely going to be loved by the fans as it everything the new normal needs!