The Kissing Booth 3: Tangled in Trilogy

The Kissing Booth 3 makes you ride through the same drama between Elle, Noah, and Lee. However, the climax is fairly satisfying.

Words Amisha Shirgave

Elle, Lee, and Noah face the realities of life that result in a satisfactory end in the final chapter, The Kissing Booth 3. In part one, we see Elle fall for Noah who is also the elder brother of her childhood best friend Lee. In the sequel, we witness Elle and Noah managing their long-distance relationship. While they’re living their lives in different cities, Elle cozies up to Marco whereas Noah finds a great friend in Chloe. Elle kisses Marco while Noah is a spectator in the audience at the dance competition. In the end, both Noah and Elle patch up but Elle finds herself in a huge dilemma when Noah asks her to move to Harvard with him whereas she had promised Lee to go to UC Berkeley since childhood.

This movie wants to give its viewers some epic ending since this is the final chapter of the Kissing Booth movies. The Kissing Booth 3 begins with Elle, Noah, Lee, and Rachel enjoying a trip after their graduation. Elle was trying to push her confirmation to Harvard and UC Berkeley to avoid the pain of choosing to stay with one of the two important boys in her life. Noah and Lee’s Parents reveal that they are about to sell their beach house which has been a part of their family for 80 years and the trio gets upset with the news as they have almost spent every summer at this house. Hence, it holds a special place in their hearts. To make the most of the beach house before it is sold, Flynn brothers, Elle and, Rachel decide to enjoy their last summer at the house. Soon, Elle gives her confirmation to Harvard as she decides to stay with Noah. However, she knew this will shatter Lee and that’s exactly what happened. Lee reacts to this news like a kid which leads to Elle promising him to do all the adventures on a list they made when they were kids. She promises Lee to make this their ‘Best Summer Ever'. 

Elle is always busy pleasing the people in her life no matter how bad it backfired or hurt her. Well, the adventures looked pretty cool. It included a helium-induced karaoke number that ends bringing the house down, putting together a choreographed flash mob, and a competition to see who can consume more frozen drinks in the shortest amount of time while avoiding the resulting brain freeze. How cool and stupid at the same time? The most creative adventure on that list was dressing up like ‘Mario-Cart’ game characters and participating in a go-cart race wearing the costume. While Elle is juggling spending time with Lee and completing the list, babysitting her brother, working at the restaurant, and managing her time with Noah, Marco re-enters her life and gives the viewers a flashback too.

After the go-kart race, Noah somehow manages to get the truth from Marco that he still has feelings for Elle and wants her back. Well, Marco agrees. This again brings a wedge between Elle and Noah. Just when things are looking good for the lovers, Noah finds the Berkeley acceptance letter in Elle’s stuff and breaks up with her. Not because she lied to him or loves him enough to not go Berkley with Lee but because he realizes that she makes her decisions based upon his choices. That is true. So, this is the end to the great Noah and Elle’s love story. The audience keeps wishing for them to end up together but they don’t. However, the climax doesn’t disappoint them altogether. 

Noah and Lee’s mother, who has been a mother figure to Elle all her life has a conversation with her after the breakup and advises her to never make her choices to please a loved one. She asks Elle to follow her passion instead of being stuck in the drama. She asks Elle to choose herself, and this people is my favorite scene from the movie. The Kissing Booth 3 has a mature climax as Elle doesn’t go to Harvard with Noah or to UC Berkley with Lee but goes to USC to pursue game design, a field that she is interested in. I liked how the movie gives a feeling of satisfaction where the viewers get emotional in the last scene which clearly defines the dialogue, “Maybe Sometimes, loving someone just isn’t enough!”