World Sushi Day | A day spent well experiencing Sushi making workshop

A century old recipe which has now transformed into a staple food, and is no longer limited to just fine dines. And, since every town has got a bunch of places serving this delicacy, we headed to one in Pune – the Mamagoto, relishing our taste buds and experiencing the art behind the making

Every year, June 18, marks the International Sushi day and I was lucky enough to try out the lip smacking dish at the Mamagoto Restaurant, Pune. Entering the place you notice the lovely and colorful ambience featuring Japanese culture. Following this is a small cart which instead is a sushi station, attracting the visitors. Our experience commenced with the chef briefing us about the origin of this dish and how it got popularized, with the variations we see today. Sushi, as we know, is made with Japanese sticky rice and has an assortment of fillings. The fillings can include crunchy vegetables, tempura fried fish, prawns, sashimi and the raw fish.

The chef also demonstrated us three different types of Sushi and we tried making two of them. Though it looked like an easy task, but trust me it wasn’t! Getting the perfect thickness and flavors in the Sushi is difficult. In my experience, what I did was, I laid out the nori sheet and spread the sticky rice over it making sure the entire sheet was covered. Then I picked my fillings which was smoked salmon and cucumber with some sriracha sauce. I made sure the fish was cut carefully, and was neatly placed over the bed of rice and sauce.

Next up was time for some veggies. Starting off with placing the cucumber over the fish, I sprinkled some sesame seeds. Now the tricky part here was to make a perfect roll, which is why I carefully rolled over the sushi and shaped it the best way I could. Making sure it looks even from all the sides.  The chef also guided me well, to ensure that my fingers didn't break the delicate sushi rolls. And, post cutting the sushi roll into six pieces, I carefully placed all of them one-by-one on the sushi plate. And, finally garnished it with mayo and wasabi. 

So, now you know where to head next, when in the city of Pune to gorge up on some gob-smacking Sushi’s. And, if you are one of those who want to experience the art of making a Sushi, then Mamagoto is the one you should definitely look forward to.