• Nothing phone (1) revealed

    Teaming up with StockX, Nothing plans to auction their new smartphone – the phone (1), and will be limited to just 100 units only for the live auction
  • Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition review

    Kindle has been the bestselling e-reader so far and recently has been updated to cater more to an avid reader in you. But is the update really worth it, and should you shell out those extra bucks and give up on real books? Read on to find out
  • AvGeek - Stars in their eyes

    In the wake of Star Wars day, which enthusiasts of the franchise celebrated yesterday, let’s look at this Star Wars inspired model space craft that Porsche Design has created in collab with Lucas Film
  • Artificial Intelligence

    “The human hand is sometimes prone to error, but the mechanical prowess of a robot can drastically cut down medical mishaps, and even eliminate the possibility altogether as the technology continues to improve”
  • Battlefield V

    Some battles have to be fought inside your house, on your PC
  • Facebook: The Scandal


    ‘Facebook is slowly becoming a pariah in the tech world as all the tech bigwigs are deserting it’