Prakriti & Sukriti Kakar : Twin Melodies

Singing duo’s, Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar talk about having each other’s back at every step of their life. Be it personal or professional.

Words: Amisha Shirgave
Photography: Rishabh Kumar
Styling: Natasha Bothra
Hair & make-up: Riya Sheth

Location Courtesy: Island City Centre, Bombay Realty


Twin singers, Prakriti and Sukriti Kakar have paved their way into the music industry with their euphonious vocals and their fans just can’t stop adoring them. The duo is well known for their numerous hit songs. In 2019, the siblings released their first ever single 'Sudhar Ja' which was produced by T-Series. After making the audience groove to Sudhar Ja, the sisters had another success with Mellow D called 'Mafiyaan,' which received tremendous positive feedback, as well as 'Sona Lagda,' which they co-wrote with Sukh-E. Amaal Malik composed a hit remix of Dua Lipa's levitating, which has been recently released. With over a 100 shows across the globe, the sisters have proved their mettle in the music industry. While they are cut from the same cloth (quite literally!) we did get to see the difference in their personalities and vision, but there is one thing that binds them- their eternal love for music. While sipping coffee, and an interview that seemed more like a friendly chat the sisters talked about their journey, future projects, and more.

Overnight success

The sisters moved to Mumbai at the age of 9. They excelled academically and did not think about a career in the music industry. Tables turned when they started getting calls to sing for live shows, brands, and advertisements. "In college, if your work is somehow related to Bollywood, people start seeing you in a different light, and that's what happened with us as well. Also, it happened at a time when we least expected it. We were singing various songs while in junior college and we never knew one of them would be such a hit. Overnight, when you have a song in a film, you just become a playback singer in the official sense of the world” said Sukriti. Though music was never the profession of choice for both Prakriti and Sukriti, life just took its turn of events, and now we know all about their success. It goes unsaid that music has always been an integral part of their lives. 

Competitive spirit

When asked about whom they think their mentor has been, Sukriti said, “I think there have been a lot of people in our lives who have mentored, guided us in our journey, and are a part of it. Our mother is an inspiration to us and the reason why we perused music in the first place. Our elder sister, Akriti Kakar has been more of a guardian for both of us. She is also a playback singer and wherever we are today is a lot because of her. Besides these women in our lives, I think every music composer we’ve had the privilege to work with helped us in our journey.”

 “Even before our hit song and the 100 million views, we were touring the US and UK. We’re glad to say that we’ve had touring experiences with some of the best people in the industry such as Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Ankit Tiwari, and Salim-Sulaiman. We always dreamt of doing tours and getting the stage experience as a homework so that we do our own shows someday and I think we’ve already learned so much from all these amazing people and a lot of credit for our success goes to them too. Their guidance has been fruitful for us throughout our journey” says Prakriti. 

As far as the competition in the industry goes, the sisters say that there is no rivalry only healthy competition which helps all the artistes. Sukriti shared that since they are twins, they’ve known what competition is right from the moment they were born. They’ve always had a healthy rivalry between them. When it comes to facing the world, they’ve got each other all the time and that is the very reason they can deal with hardships better than most people. 

Style Defining Personalities

The duo has a special bond, which was hard to miss while we were chatting away or even during the shoot. Sukriti says, “Since we are twins, we believe in astrology but at the same time, I also realise that we’re quite different. The journey we have while we take a certain decision is almost the same but the result turns out to be the opposite. Our behaviours differ too”. Prakriti says, “As for Sukriti, she is always thinking about the next step, thinking about the future, and looking at the bigger picture, whereas I live in the moment and can be impulsive at times. I think there is a lot to learn from her as she always has a plan ready or at least has a rough idea as to how she wants her next day/month to be and I think that planning is important.”

One look at the Kakar sisters and you can make out that they have different styles, giving an individual statement to their personalities, and also enjoyed playing dress-up as children. “When we were little girls, we’d see other girls dressing up Barbie’s but I remember Sukriti and I used to sketch clothes and we’d always imagine ourselves to be fashion stylists or designers someday. That still might happen someday because we are intrigued by the latest trends, designs, and all things fashion. We’re very big on personal styling as well. Even now, we go to each other’s wardrobe and try to pick out the best outfits for each other just like all siblings do,” says Prakriti.

Of Ragas and Remixes

The Bollywood music industry thrives on remixes, giving us a sense of nostalgia and also a beat or two to shake that booty on! “Being a part of this industry and having sung some of the reprised versions for playback, I think if it is done in a good way with a tinge of originality, it is sure to be a hit. The Gen Z's haven’t heard the original songs before, so for them, these recreations are like brand new songs, says Sukriti”. 
“I believe that the songs from the 80s and 90s are truly rich in composition and melody, and no matter how hard we try, there will never be songs that can compete with the original ones. The remixes should focus on keeping the authenticity of the original song alive,” says Prakriti. 

Having had five years of classical training, the duo believes that the music industry is ready to have more classical influence. "I think it is not really about how great you are as a singer, as much as it is about how you emote the song and make the listeners feel the depth of it too. Today the style of your singing, the texture of your voice, the tone that you have, and the uniqueness you bring to the table are the most important. The industry today isn’t more about 'Ragas' and 'Sargams' as much as we would like it to be,” says Sukriti.

Into The Future

The duo's claim to fame was 'Mafiyaan' wherein they not only lent their vocals but also featured in the song, giving us a chartbuster number to groove to. “All the songs that we’ve created and sung together are very close to us because we took the creative calls on our own and closely worked on every bit. But ‘Mafiyaan’ is the song that will always be special because this is when people started recognising us and that’s what inspired us to go ahead and create more singles” says Prakriti. 

Talking about their future projects both as a duo and an individual, Sukriti says, “For me, I want to continue making music that makes people happy. If I can give three minutes of happiness to someone through my songs and make their mood better, then I’ll be more than satisfied with it.”  

“I genuinely think that there are many male-oriented songs in the industry and I wish to change that by creating songs for the female audience. I want to make more songs that resonate with women, like creating anthems or and give a kickstart to a girl band vibe. So our next song caters a lot more to the female demographic but also doesn’t sidetrack the opposite gender. We look forward to making such songs in the future” says Prakriti.