GenZ and Millenials

Generation throw down- The war that cannot be won

Millennials are no longer the coolest of the lot! And the Gen Z won’t let us forget it. Is this war ever going to end? Let’s find out.

Words Samreen Khoja

While Boomers might still see us as
kids, the oldest millennials are now 40, have been in the work culture for around 20 years, and have their own kids- and if we are lucky enough to have shaken all those student loans and managed to buy some property off of Boomer hands- we’re in debt to the hilt. 

We millennials are no longer the society’s coolest, youngest, cohort. And the generation Z (born 1997-2012. Think Kylie Jenner, Billie Eilish) won’t let us forget it. The millennials have been distracted by a different culture war. 
Here’s a quick recap of what has been happening–the Gen Z has canceled skinny jeans, side parts, T-shirts with printed brand fonts, crying/laughing face emoji, and also Gucci belts with the double “G” buckle. 

They have been attacking our entire vocabulary–adulating, girl boss, doggos, coffee, and much more. For the Gen Z, a bottomless brunch is never an option, and smashed avocado on toast, that’s just so basic.
Moreover, they are mainly mocking us on their home turf, that is Tik Tok, which means a large portion of the older millennials are actually unaware that there is a war going on.

The latest diss from Gen Z comes in the form of a word ‘cheugy ‘ that sums up someone who is out of date or trying too hard (aka a millennial). Pronounced as chew-gee, a cheugy is someone who wears just out-of-style fashion trends; they like Starbucks, and anything that has a brand’s label is on display. They are, essentially, anything, but a bit basic.
While they mock us for sorting ourselves in Harry Potter houses, our 90s obsession, us talking about Friends and still trying to free Britney, I can’t help but wonder whether this so-called war really exists, beyond the obvious. Are the younger people finding older people embarrassing, as they always have? I don’t see any divides between these two generations beyond memes, Tik Toks, and Instagram reels.  

This social media generation throwdown merely exists because of two factors, for one-it is simply easy to make fun of someone hiding behind a screen, the second is that because of being a millennial, I am pretty annoyed at the fact that someone younger than me is making fun of things that my generation thought was cool. What a stupid war, isn’t it? But, I can’t help myself and be amused at some of the funny comments and replies that I see on social media during this epic (not so epic) war! 

No matter what they say, I have sorted myself in Gryffindor, still like Starbucks, still use the word boss lady (because I am one), still wear side parts and skinny jeans and will also continue to use the cry/laughing emoji- and no, I AM NOT A CHEUGY!
Let’s just put this straight, there is no clear winner to this war, and it just cannot be won. I believe, that it is the Gen Z that will be next in line for a kicking, after Generation Alpha, are Generation Alpha, the first group of millennials’ children, born from about 2011 start making fun of them. I hope it is then that Gen Z and millennials will form an alliance to take them down. This is something that I would 100 per cent want to be a part of. 

Before this happens, I have no doubt that this war between Gen Z and millennials will continue to widen. Guess what, both the generations need to up their game, till then they are all walking on fire.