February 7, 2019


Words: Sudhakar Jha
Photography: Roshni Manghani’
Location: Thikana, Koregaon Park, Pune
Inputs: Mayur Marne & Bipeen Kekan

You must’ve seen bartenders flaring the shaker and found it to be really cool. But bartending is much more than that! Set your next house party on fire with these bartending tools


Depending on the cocktail you are making, the two-piece shaker is meant to mix all ingredients together with ice for a good shake. Used mostly by the American and Japanese mixologists, this is your perfect partner for casual use.


They’re used for hygienic reasons more than aesthetic. Pretty straightforward in their purpose, they are used to transfer ice from the bucket to the shaker or a glass.


For your house parties, a normal tea strainer would do, but for that extra precision and smooth flow of beverage, this conical strainer works best. From putting the cocktail into the glass to adding toppings, this strainer holds the minutest of fruit pulps and small crystals of ice in it.


Most common of them all, a Hawthorne strainer has in-built wire spring alongside the rim that holds the ice inside the shaker, allowing fruit pulp and splinters of ice to enter the glass.


This measuring device, which looks like an hourglass, is used to size up the right amount of alcohol to be poured in the cocktail. The smaller side measures a small peg of 30ml and other side, 60ml.


This long handled spoon will help you stir, mix and layer the cocktails/mocktails. Longer than the regular ones you use on an everyday basis, the purpose of a bar spoon is to reach the bottom of the jug in order to mix the ingredients properly.


As the name suggests, this three piece mixer consists of a flat-bottom can, a built-in strainer and the top cap to seal the shaker. If you are not looking to buy a separate strainer, this shaker can be a boon.


Most cocktails contain fruits or herbs that are blended with the drink to prepare them, and these muddlers are used to mash them. On an average they are about 7.5” tall, but may differ from region to region.


Drinks are often accompanied with cheese or fruits and these knives come handy while slicing, cutting and chafing them.


As smooth as it sounds, the scoop is used to take out the ice from the bucket and put them in the glass. And you know what, you can use it for your other daily jobs like flour, sugar and popcorn too!


Easy, isn’t it? They’re used to open the metal caps from the bottles.


Now that you’ve got all the equipment, a perfect cocktail awaits you! Party hard, impress those chicks and thank us later!

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