Oct 3, 2019

Fresh from the market

The Market Project by PizzaExpress is the place to be if you crave for some delicious food and drinks


Photography: Roshni Manghani

After a tiring 3 hour long journey amidst the unforgiving Mumbai traffic, we finally arrived at our destination. Tiring for our editor by the way, because our photographer, Roshni and I had the privilege to gaze at the excruciatingly slow moving traffic and entertain ourselves the entire way.

Surprisingly, our arrival at The Market Project was ahead of schedule so we took our own sweet time to explore the area. Everything about the interiors, antique mirrors, flowery wallpaper, macramé backseat chairs and painted glass frames took us back in time. While exploring their menu, we started with a round of drinks. Others kept it simple with non-alcoholic beverages, but I indulged in a cocktail they call Chatpata, a white rum-based drink muddled with citrus and jeera.

Next up were the starters, Shakarkandi Kachori Salad and Onion Kurkure in a Pizza Pocket Pav for our vegetarian colleague and Seekh Kebab in Pizza Pocket Pav along with Biryani Arancini for us meat lovers. The Kachori salad packed a burst of flavours and freshness together. Easily my best pick from the vegetarian dishes. Coming to the non-vegetarian starters, the Seekh Kebab Pizza Pocket Pav was everything I expected it to be. Tender and juicy with the zest of mint chutney-mayo. However, the highlight was the Biryani Arancini. Fried biryani flavoured chicken risotto fritters generously served with a duo of dips, a tasteful selection by our editor.

Content with our round of delectable starters, we chose to treat ourselves with some comfort food. Baked Mac’ Mushrooms and Cheese. After a long discussion about what to choose for dessert, we settled on Phirnee Tiramisu. Unlike the usual Tiramisu we have, this one was different with the rice texture and coffee liquor soaked shortbread biscuits! We were a little skeptical about it, but it worked well in the end. An appetising meal and another round of refreshing drinks later, our happy faces exited the place and we were back on the road. Prepared to start gazing at the traffic again but this time with a bright smile, thanks to the memorable experience at The Market Project. .

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