Sept 7,2019

India Bike Week-The Great Migration

As the tickets for the much anticipated India Bike Week go live from 6th September, 2019, we bring to you the latest updates on the event, read on...

Words: Shourya Jain

Seems like the migration season is back in the bikers’ paradise. India Bike Week is all set to return this December in Goa, after it apparently went on hibernation for a year. The Great Migration to the IBW translates as a cult tradition for the biking community. The 2019 edition of the IBW is expected to see a whopping number of 20,000 bikers flocking to the holy grail of biking events.

We cannot think of a better combination than bikes, beaches, booze and for the lack of more words starting with the letter ‘B’, music, adventure and rich moto-culture. Not only this, but the IBW brings to you one of the biggest bike expos with over 130 exhibitors. IBW gets almost 280 bike clubs from all over India and provides an engaging platform like no other for biking enthusiasts. In an interesting turn of events, this will be the first time that a bike racing competition will be done on Enduro Hill Climb and Flat Track Trials Circuit formats.

From our last visit to the fest in 2017, we could tell that the organisers put a huge emphasis on riders’ safety while on the bike, so don’t forget to carry and flaunt all your biking gear that you’ve been hoarding for quite a while now. The organisers also provide a cloak room for your gear and helmets so you don’t have to be weighed down while you’re indulging in other activities.

“I’m counting the minutes till we can swing a leg over our bikes and join the Great Migration down to Vagator, Goa for IBW 2019!” says Martin da Costa, CEO of 70 EMG and Director of India Bike Week. So, now you know where to be on the 6th and 7th December this year. Tickets are available at

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